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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, September 14, 2018

6 Rounds for time(s) of:

2 Peg board ascents
15 Box jumps – 24”/20″
250m Row
Rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:

Post time per round and total working time to comments.

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Comments: 6

– completed RX’d in 2:28, 2:34, 2:22, 2:31, 2:59, 2:46 = 25:40 or 15:40 TWT

Total time: 25:39. TWT: 15:39

Not quite Rxd. First three rounds were fine. Then literally felt like someone coated the wall under the peg boards with Teflon, and then covered that with cooking oil, and then froze it with help from a curling rink expert. I mean. So. Slippery. Never had that issue before. Think it was just all the sweaty bodies sliding up and down there, including mine, but honestly couldn’t get a sliver of traction for my feet. I got frustrated here as peg boards are usually ok, but ended up doing sort of 1 and then another half in round 4 before failing. 1 in round 5, and 1.5 in round 6. Hence the decent times in the later rounds. Felt it was better to keep moving instead of prolonging my flailing yard sale on the wall.

Anyway, this was still really fun! Great job 6pm, and way to power through despite the slippery-ness Ron! Impressive.

Thanks Shannon!

Rounds: 3:17/3:34/2:54/3:17/3:14/2:59
Row times: 1:06/1:08/1:09/1:11/1:11/1:06
Total time 29:15
Did about 6 steps up and down each round on the peg board.
Thanks Brett and Derek!

TPR: 240/300/250/251/259/305
TT: 27:25
Scaled peg board climbs, I did 8 reps of peg board pull-ups each round. The box jumps felt snappy. Held rower around 1:55/ 500m intervals, until last two rounds when I picked up and finished closer to 1:50/ 500m. The pull ups were definitely the slower-downer for me.

Great WOD Brett, thanks for coaching Shannon!


24:06 Rx’d, 14:06 total work time
Today’s WOD was right up my alley. You didn’t have to think you just had to move.
I had three goals coming into this workout. 1: I wanted to do as many on broken pegboard ascents as I could. 2: I wanted to maintain rowing pace below 1:40 min/500m. 3: I wanted to be super strict about my reps.
Pegboard ascents: I wanted to do as many rounds as I could unbroken between the 2 ascents. I also want to make sure that I started each ascents with both feet off the ground with both pegs in the bottom holes, and end the ascents with two pegs in the top holes. I went on broken on rounds 1-4, did 2 singles on round five (with one big breath in between the ascents), and went on broken round 6 – I was pretty stoked on this. I would check in on the way down the first ascents to make sure my arms and especially my core still had the energy to climb back up… Once or twice I may have pushed it but I do when I got tired I just focussed on technique. Super tight core, body tight to the wall, and never having less than 90° on my bottom arm.
Box Jumps: I was making sure that I had full hip extension at the top of every box jump. I caught myself once not getting full extension so I re-did the rep. I rebounded on all of my rounds and went on broken.
Rowing: I paid attention during warm-up to figure out what pace I could row consistently through every round. I set a goal for rowing in the 1:30 mins/500m. I made a deal with myself that if my pace slowed to 1:40mins/500m I would give three big pulls to get back into the 1:30 mins/500m. Legs, hips and straight arms, thats what I was thinking about for technique.
I reset my rowing computer every round. I didn’t want any rollover from the previous round. This definitely slowed me down a because by the time I got back to the rower it shut off and it took me 4-5 pulls before the computer to turn on and start recording. Next time I have to make sure the rower is ready to go before I get to it. Maybe doing a computer button tap on the move before the rowing.
Rest: I used the timer on my watch to make sure I did exactly 2 minutes rest in between rounds.
Thanks for the great class Natalie. Thanks for clarifying the standards for the moves and working with such a big class. You made it work for everyone. And that left-handed high five at the end – totally messed with my mind.
Great work 10 AM-ers.

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