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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, September 12, 2008



As many rounds in 20 minutes:


Run 400m

Max rep Pull-ups


Coach’s notes:  Post number of rounds completed and number of pull-ups in each round to comments.


Compare to May 23, 2008


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Comments: 5

Good luck to everyone participating in the Fall Challenge on Saturday!!

7 Rounds
16/8/6/5/8/6/2-clock ran out
51 PU in total

May 23 was 6 rounds with 65 PU in total

May was an inside bar with good grip for kipping.
July was outside tree branch too thick for strong kipping.

5 rounds
Time ran out during my 6th round running.
10/10/8/8/7-used resistance band for assisted PU’s

4 rounds (did 40 box jumps instead of run due to the rain)

7,5,5,4 used green band for assisted pull up’s + 40 box jumps

and used 20′ box

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