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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, September 10, 2010

1.  Max reps in 1 minute of:


2.  Max calories in 2 minutes of:


3.  Max reps in 3 minutes of:

Ring Dips

4.  Max KB Swings in 4 minutes

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 1.5 pood and 1.0 pood for KB swings.  Perform sets in any order but rest exactly 2 minutes between sets.  Post results for all sets and order to comments. 

Comments: 17

Hey just wanted to send out an invite to everyone for dinner on Saturday night at 7pm at the Westhills Earls for my birthday. Let me know if you are interested in coming, 589-9007.

Hey Chelsea,
Just wanted to say I wish I could make it but we’ll be in San Diego. Hope you have a fun time. Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy B-day Chelsea! I may join tomorrow…

Only did the KBS with 2.5pood – 55 reps…that sucker is heavy…I blame it on my shoulder workout beforehand 🙂

Hey Chelsea,
Sorry, but I most likely can’t make it either. Thanks for the invitation though and have a really great time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Chelsea, you’re another year older and you’re only getting faster!! Have a super birthday, I wish I could go but we already have a commitment. Cheers to you (with a protein shake of course!)- you are an inspiring person!!
Today’s wod: Ring dips: 28 (7 unassisted, 21 with purple band)/KBS with 1pd- 99/burpees 17/ row(nearly died- started too fast-pacing is not my forte) 33cal
Thanks Kris for a super class- nice job everybody!!

Hey Chelsea, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your evening. Not sure if I can make it but will call you if I can.

Happy Birthday Chelsea!! Sorry I can’t make it on Saturday. Hope you have a great day.

Katie…way to go today…99 KBS and 33 cals on the row is excellent!

Went at this one “backwards”:

4: 102 KBS
3: 36 RDips
2: 40 Cals
1: 33 Burpies

Could maybe squeak out more dips if I was smart and set up my rings properly before hand – and maybe push the row a touch harder.

4: 80 KBS
3: 31 RDips
2: 39 Cals
1: 18 Burpies

4. 88 KBS (arms toast this was broken)
1. 18 burpees (bad)
3. 33 dips *had full intentions of doing this second but forearms hurt too much
2. 30 (haha.. As always didn’t really push! Didn’t look like Katie and Doug sprawled out on floor!!)
Glad I did this wod – almost took a rest day!
Awesome class Kris!

4. 100 KBS
3. 38 blue band dips
2. 37 calories
1. 16 burpees

Enjoyed this one!

Hope you have a great birthday Chelsea from Angela and Trent

4. 72 KBS @ 1 pood
3. 21 blue band dips
2. 32 calorie
1. 14 burpees

Happy Birthday Chelsea.

Did this like Krista

4. KBS (1.5) – 64
1. BP – 20
3. Dips – 27
2. Row – 37

happy birthday Chelsea!!!

Thanks Kris for a good class, great job everyone!

4. KBS 113
3. Dips 29
1. BP 30
2. ROW 40

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