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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, October 8, 2021

Every 4:30 for 4 rounds complete:

800m Run

AMRAP Double Unders in time remaining.

REST 1:30

Coach’s notes:

Post time for run and reps complete per round to comments.

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Comments: 4

Took it easy this morning a because this was workout 1 of 2 today. Only did the running and then rested the rest of the time (no skipping). Time for each run was as follows:
1. 3:47
2. 3:55
3. 3:58
4. 3:49

Hit the red light a couple times which added a couple seconds to the last three. Thanks Josh!

Believe it or not I like running. Couldn’t pass up another opportunity to see what my injured feet can do. I’m very pleased with how I did. There’s always something I can improve. I really just wanted to push a little harder. I did but I felt my HR recovered too quickly. My thighs weren’t burning but my feet were. I’m making progress.

I did round one to see if I could get under 4:30.
Got 4:35. Switched to 600m so I could do 1:30 jump rope minimum. It worked. Jump rope still hurts a little but much better than the last time.

To the 200m mark and back plus around the subway and down the parking lot part way to get around 3:50 of running each round.

71/61/51/49 on the dubs in 30-40 seconds


Total = 420 double unders

Thanks josh, great work 9:30am

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