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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, October 30, 2009

75 reps in as few sets as possible of:


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 lbs.  Rest as needed between sets.  Post total time to complete as well as number of sets to comments. 

Compare to July 4, 2008

Comments: 17

i would say today was on off-day… 12 sets, scaled to 69 lbs, 17:00
trying not to “cheat” by rotating my shoulders to my ears to lock it in. matty m where were you today to practice the same?

80 lbs
7 sets – 12:20
Last time – same wt. – 10 sets
Next time – 85 lbs.

14/11/10/10/11/10/9 – 7 sets in 14:20
I struggled with being on toes vs. heels. Thanks for the coaching Laura! The comments about locking the arms and shoulders and keeping the core tight helped a lot.

25/15/18/17 in 5:24 as rx’d. Thanks Laura for a fun class!

95lbs rxd
20/12/10/7/10/7/7/5- 8:40 a few extra for good luck
off site

6:23, I think first round was 25, did it all in 4 rounds. I got that same headache during this WOD that I got on wednesday even though I took rest yesterday, so I think I need to maybe get the weekend off and come back monday. This load wasnt heavy enough that I should have got the headache again like I did from the heavy deads. Happy Halloween everyone and enjoy the WODs this weekend

as rx’d

time of 11:30

tlaw: I got the same dreaded head ache during the DL on the minute WOD from a couple Sundays ago. It stuck around for a long time (2 days in a dull form). I just finished my first WOD this week that I was able to avoid the head ache coming back. I found I really needed alot of warm up with a gradual rise of intensity….

The headaches sound like a breath-holding thing. I’ve gotten them from high-rep DL WODs like Linda but they are a thing of the past now.

As Rx’d
12:51 alot of rest for the wrists

tried the mens weight tonight
As RX’d 95lbs
17:55 mostly sets of 5 throughout with the last set being a whopping 1 rep to finish it off! I just couldn’t hold myself steady enough at the top for that last rep! Thanks for the encouragement Laura and everybody else in the 6 pm class!

Way to go Kim for trying out the men’s weight today!!!!!

9:38 as rx’d 7 rounds

8:12 as rx’d
15/12/10/11/10/10/and 7 for last round! Thanks Laura that was great! Kim you were awesome! nice work on the men’s weight!
and … where is everyone else in the picture???

4 sets: 30-15-10-20
6:35 min
very good for me I think!

Gave this one a shot a day late.

5 sets : 7:02

Really put my focus on breathing and was still plagued by the dreaded brain ache again!

9:52 as RX’d.

Techincally 7 rounds. I lost balance after rep 7 and then again after 2 reps in round 5.

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