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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, October 22, 2010

A.  3 rounds for time:

Run 200 m

40 Double Unders

B. For time:

75 Medicine Ball Cleans

C. For time:

75 KB Swings

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs for medicine ball cleans, gals 14 lbs and 1.5 pood and 1.0 pood for KB swings.  Choose any order and rest 3:00 between sets.  Post results and order to comments.

Comments: 23

Hopefully Brett will put this clinic on again as I would love to attend but will be up in Edmonton at the Grey Cup game!

Did in the order written
A) 4:07 should have been faster but tripped a couple of times on my first set of DU’s.
B) 4:17 unbroken
C) 2:35 unbroken
Thanks Lindsay, fun class. I liked the group warm-up that was great. Take care of your back Krista.

Nice work Chelsea!!!!

Did in order: A,B,C
A) 4:25
B) 5:53 as rx’d with many, many breaks
C) 4:27 as rx’d with even more breaks
Chelsea – how you did that WOD unbroken is beyond my comprehension, but it was pretty amazing.
Good work everyone at 9:30! Thanks Lindsay!

Did in A, C, B order at “Y” as rxd:
A) 4:16 – first time being able to do double unders unbroken – Track sucks for sprints
C) 3:30
B) 2:02 – one break


C:1:57 done with 2pood
A: 3:30
B: 3:06

Notes: The KBS were the best they have ever felt. The 2 pood felt light as a feather. Probably due to hall the squats I have been doing…hips felt great.

The med ball cleans, however, were a hellish nightmare. My legs have not felt that bad in a long time. Serves me right for not doing a metcon in 2 months…

As rx’d

B) 3:51, should have pushed this a bit harder
C) 3:02 (50/12/13)
A) 5:45, run felt great, DUs slowed me down. What happened to the red jump ropes? They are my favourite.

As rx’d

B. 3.38
C. 3.18
A. I am embarassed to say 11.01. It would help if I could do DU (more than one at a time) 🙁
as for deathracer’s comment above all I have to say is……. “GO Riders!!!”
Thanks Ali

C) 3:52 (1pd – 30, 25, 20)
B) 5:56 (10lb med ball)
A) 7:38 (80 singles instead of DUs)

As rx’d
A: 7:32
B: 10:07
C: 8:03

I’ll be bringing the same intensity to CFC 4 so look out.

B) 5:08- broken 25 then mostly 5’s….
A) 4:25- double unders 40/40/ 1 then I tripped so I took a “mulligan” and started at 1 again 🙂 /40
C) 3:52- broken something like this….25 then 10’s

Chelsea- you are a bloody machine! Nice work!!

A: 5:58- du’s…
B: 5:34- ow
C: 3:40- normally, I like these- today they were very broken and hard.
Times above are impressive-nice work everybody. Jeff, I am in the same boat as you- thanks for the laugh!! Karen where are you???

OOPS- thanks Lindsay for the great coaching- I really like the group warm ups!

As Rx’d
A: 5:02
B: 4:16
C: 4:33
Great work 6pm class!
Thanks Ali.

As rx’d
B. 4:25
C 3:40

Second WOD of the day….should have strategized. I guess that’s what happens on little sleep :o)
In hindsight, I should have done the medball cleans first. Blonde moment ;o)

Jeff…..you CRACK me UP!!! 🙂

B. 4:52
A. 4:42
C. Did 25 then attempted another 10 – lower back sore – decided to stretch it out
Lindsay great class! Nice times above!!! I’m with jeff today! Thanks for laugh too!!! Ali not sure doing B first was good idea or not ?? Slowed my runs down!!! NOT!!

Oops! Haha … Maybe my DU’s though..didnt get them unbroken! Thanks everyone!

A) 4:36
B) 3:30
C) 3:18

Med ball cleans. So easy. So nasty.
75 KBS = Popeye forearms after!

C. 3:43 – scaled 1pd
A. 7:12 – I need a ton of practice with DUs; I managed 15-20 per round, and then 40-50 SU
B. 6:44 – 20#, broken up; legs were burning pretty good by the end.

as Rx’d
B) 4:38
A) 6:56 runs felt slow. Rounds 1 and 3 DU unbroken, 2nd round 25/15
C) 5:35 ish…due to Alvaro stopping the clock on me….

As rx’d and in order written:

A) 4:08
B) 3:56
C) 2:48 one break at 45

Hey, just wanted to thank the 6 pm class and Blaine and Ali for all the encouragement. It really made all the difference, especially for those last two c& js!!!!!!

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