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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, November 8, 2019


For time, partitioned any way:

40 muscle-ups
80-cal. row
120 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball to 10 ft.

Time cap: 20 min.

Coach’s notes:

Post reps complete or time to comments.

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Comments: 12

217rx tiebreak – 14:13

Happy how this went. I set 15 muscle ups as a goal thinking that this would be a bit of a stretch given my capacity to press out of the dip. Happy to get 2 more and improve from 0 MU at the start of the year to 17 today.

Strategy was to take the muscle ups close to failure straight from the gun (4 reps) before hitting smaller sets of 1 or 2 MU between sets of 20 cal row and 2x10WB. Finally trying for a rep every 45 sec once the aerobic fun was done. Seemed to work well as I only started failing MUs in the final minute.

Have fun with this one! There is lots of time to tick through to big numbers of MU!

Thanks for judging Zac and also sage advice pre and during from the OGs (Brett and Colin). Go Blue!!

Yah Team Yellow. We got this. Last WOD!

I was happy with my result in 20.1, 20.4 and 20.5. 2 and 3 I would like to do again as I under estimated myself.

Now 20.5. Scaled division.

I did all of the Chin over Bar and Wall balls first in sets of 4 and 12. Finished just under 10 min I think. Then just rowed. Final time 15:06

thanks Derek M for judging.

That was fun. I did the Men’s scaled – so chin over bar instead of MU. Stuck to my plan of 5 rounds: 8 Pull Ups, 16 Cals, 24 wall balls and just kept moving. 14:01 was total time. Need to work on more efficiencies in my pull ups, and stringing together multiple reps better. It’s coming though. Thanks keeping score for me Derek, and for the tips at the end.
Great job everyone!

232 reps in 60+ Rx division. Eight dam reps short of glory🤣 Solution: train harder. Great time. Thanks for the coaching and judging Brett.
Fresh chocolates for those that say something nice about the mighty Blue team tonight between 5-7.

20.5 Scaled

I came into this workout with an angry left shoulder from 20.4. My original plan was to complete my row then struggle through as many wallballs as my shoulder would tolerate for a possible tie breaker time. It is amazing what the opens brings out in all of us and if this was a regular WOD I would have only rowed. I am sure my shoulder is going to hate me tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement, judging and keeping me moving Brett!

First opens in the book and extremely happy with my results.


Did 3 MU, WB/row 🐄💩, 1/1/2 MU

Not too bad given the amount of 🍻🍻🍻 loading last night.

Thanks for coaching Brett.

Tie break time of 14:11….no MU’s, lots of flailing though!
Thank you Todd and Derek!
Team 🍊

Scaled – ran out of time but really liked this workout!
32 strict pull-ups in sets of 2
120 wall balls in sets of 10
55 cals for rowing in 3 sets x 10 cal + 15 cal in final push

Got my first kipping pull-ups AFTER the workout!!
Great energy 6am. Way to go Jason W and Martin!

231 reps Rx’d. Completed the wall balls and row. Got 31 muscle ups. Felt like I was going to puke at one point. Thank-you coach Tania keeping me in it!

231 reps Rxd. Same as Ron. 16:41 tiebreak. Thanks for judging Derek.

223 rx 13:46 tie break
That was another fun one, except the wall balls those were a pain in the 🍑!!
Havent done muscle ups in forever, surprisingly felt pretty good, if I was to do this again I would def try and front load more muscle ups when fresh and leave wall balls until later and not worry about a tie break at all, u can struggle through wall balls but trying to do mus at the end was so slow I couldn’t string any together by that point..
Thanks for judging Zac and for telling me to pick up that ball when I just wanted to die lol

17:33 for the wall balls and rower at open gym on Monday.

We Remember!!

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