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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, November 30, 2007

75 reps in as few sets as possible of:

 Overhead squats (OHS)

Coach`s notes:  Recommended weight is 95 lbs. for guys and 65 lbs. for gals.  If you cannot lift these loads scale as appropriate.  For those that are working on their OHS try performing the WOD with a dowel only, but perform the squats in a doorway so that the dowel rod is not able to move forward and remember to keep the arms locked out, shoulders pressed up.  Try improving the depth of the squat throughout the WOD.  Post the weight used and number of sets to comments. 


Comments: 2

I was one of those guys who had poor range on the OHS. Practicing diligently the drill the coach has explained help tremendously as did plently of shoulder flexibility stuff. One thing I found key was to actively press the shoulders up as mentioned but also think about stretching the bar in two. The shoulders are now up into the ears and scapula pulled together. Also send some time down in the bottom pressing the bar/rod up to the ceiling. I went from a dowel rod only at about a 1/4 squat depth to now 100lbs at full depth.

Did a slight variation on this WOD. Did the following:
dragged a rower upstairs
set the rower up
moved stuff around so the rower would fit (little miscalculation, what can I say!)
Time: not as long as I thought

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