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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, November 13, 2009



For time:

100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats

Coach’s notes:  This one’s for the board.  Post time to complete to comments. 

Comments: 19

As rx’d
Slow part was the last 50 push-ups – 2-3 at a time

Much scaling…Pull Ups w/ purple/blue band, girly push-ups & sit-ups were anchored – 31:08
Push-ups after pull-ups…someone has a cruel sense of humor…I can barely write for laughing

Except pull ups were with purple band for the first fifty then two purple bands for the last 50…….still need to work on those %#@*&# squats! Merci Brett!

Colleen ……forgot to mention that mine too were girlie sit-ups and anchored sit-ups.

blue/purple band, girly push ups, anchored sit ups

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Blue-band assisted pull ups, push ups from knees (chest touched the floor with every rep).

14:29 as rx’d

22:10 Pull up and Push up were slow also did anchored sit-ups.
thanks Gord good luck tomorrow!!

46:19 as rx’d – yessss, you read the time correctly. I came to the class with the goal of just getting through the darn pull ups and yay I did, push ups were equally challenging. Sit ups were good and squats too. Gord and Laura, you both are such fantastic coaches. Thanks for the encouragement and strategy.

43:50 as rx’d with 19:08 for the pull ups sets of 5 until the last 10 were all singles. i am sooo white and have no rhythm on the kips had to reset after almost every one. just one of the myriad of thing i need to work on

22:16, 1:46 slower than PR??? Doh.

Judy – 39:33 blue band pullups, pushups from knees
Neil – split into groups of 20 – 31:22

22:19 as rx’d. Did anchored ab-mat sit-ups. First time doing this one, very glad to make it through the pull-ups and push-ups. Thanks Gord and Laura.

22:17 as rx’d. PR by about 2:30, but last time was probably about a year ago. Pullups were done in 7:20, pushups about 8:40, and the rest went a lot quicker… My pushups were as bad as a year ago though, so I know what I need to work on…

29:20 as rx’d last time 30:49 Nice work tonight Chelsea!

4 Rounds of:
25 Box Jumps (instead of pull ups)
25 Push ups
25 Sit ups
25 Squats
Time: 20:50

Unable to do pull ups due to labral tear in shoulder so did box jumps instead. Did 3 sets of push ups then shoulder was just too bad to continue so did from knees for last rnd.

20:52 As Rx’d

23:05 as rx’d. Next time will do the pull ups faster. Took me 10:12 to get them done. Didn’t want to get to the point of no return with the pull ups but now it seems I could have push harder on them. The fact I didn’t tare and that I never got to singles is probably proof of going too conservative. Next time……..

17:30 as rx’d.

PR=16:00 Haven’t done much met con lately and MY God did I pay for it. seriously F@#&ed up for a good hour and a half afterwards…

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