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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, November 12, 2010


500 Burpees for time:

Just kidding….at least for now.


10 rounds for time:

10 Burpees

15 Medicine Ball Cleans

20 Back Extensions

1:00 Rest

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs, gals 14 lbs for cleans.  Post time for each set and total working to comments.

Comments: 15

Here’s some photos from Brett and Chelsea’s Challenge —> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=257238&id=502972621&l=21ccd07b8e

Thanks again for your support!! 🙂

Congratulations to Coach and Chelsea! What a great example of leadership, dedication and a genuine desire to serve others. So cool!

GREAT PICTURES from last night Amy and Yaz!!! love the above pix too!!!!
wanted to die on today 🙁 had to wod in the smoke from Audra’s ON FIRE shoes the entire time: 1:41/1:40/1:58/2:14*ugh/2:02/2:00/2:07/2:18*boo/2:05/2:05
TT: 29:?? something (med ball cleans SLOW! broken into 5’s mostly, back extensions UB)
Thanks Lindsey!!! great class – like the group warmup too!!!

OOPs! 24:39 ….after 9 rounds….lying on the floor, not breathing well, adding up my time and realized I only did 9….rounds between 1:30 and 2:00
ANd one Muscle up 🙂

38:40 total time.
times per round were between 2:01 and slowest was 4:08

Total time: 41:42
Yowza! That was a toughie. Thanks, Brett and Colin.

As rx’d
Total time: 42:51
Working time: 33:51
Average round time: 3:23
Rounds: 2:06/2:48/3:36/3:37/3:44/3:37/3:40/3:38/3:51/3:14
Burpies OK, Back Extension not too bad, cleans slow and sickening.
2:1 coach to student ratio kept me on track. Thanks Brett and Colin. I was ready to “scale” to five rounds on the fly.

Total Time 35:12
Working Time 26:12

Total time: 28:46, which was halfway through the 9th round when my calf seized up.
Working time: 21:47+whatever that 1/2 of the 9th round was, too distracted to check the time.

As Rx’d. Total time: 39:45 (including last 60s rest)
Working time: 29:45
Rounds (not incl rest): 2:14/2:22/3:02/3:04/3:15/3:12/3:18/3:19/2:58/3:01

Burpees felt good, back extensions felt really tight, and cleans started off ok, but ended up killing me around round 5 or so.

Thanks for all the encouragement 5pm crew; definitely needed that.

As rx’d: 1:35/1:48/1:56/2:26/2:34/2:41/2:25/2:38/2:34
Med ball cleans are tough- I don’t understand why they’re so terribly hard..14#?!!
Thanks Lindsay, it was a great class and the group warm up was fun!

OOPS- last rd was 2:33

Did yeterday’s WOD Deadlift @ 145lbs and T2B, 11:28

6 rounds UB with no rest in b/w rounds…7:55

I though Kelly was supposed to be Rambo but it turns he was me??!! But he has his shirt on…so it can’t be me… 🙂

total time 28;31, YUCK BUT FELT GOOD

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