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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, May 20, 2011

A1. Deadlift – 2 reps X 5 sets @ 30X1, rest 2:00

A2. DB Bench Press – 8-10 reps X 5 sets @ 4010, rest 2:00

B. 21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time:

Box Jump – 24”/20”


Coach’s notes: Post loads for all sets in A1 and A2 and time for B to comments.

Comments: 17

Makes up for yesterday. I enjoyed this WOD.
A1. didn’t know where to start or where it might end. Started to light and maybe could have went heavier at end 225/275/295/305/325
A2. 10 unbroken for all five 40/45/50/55/60. Should have started heavier.
B – all unbroken 2:18
Great job 6:00amrs. Thanks Laura. Thanks Colin for the stretches you showed me yesterday and for the ones you showed me today Laura.

Love deadlift WOD’s ….always interesting at 5:30 am at “Y”.
A.1 295/315/345/365/375
A.2 55/60/65/70/85 …lots of heavy dumbbells at “Y”…should of went heavier at start…all unbroken for 10.
B. As rxd:2:42
Have interesting bruise on my melon from dropping the bar last night on it when I bailed.
Amazing time on B Keith.
Thanks Coach for the fun WOD

Agreed, enjoyed this much more than yesterday!
A.1 94/114/124/134/144
A.2 12.5/20/22.5/22.5/22.5 DBs
B. 4:18 as rxd, woo!
Thanks Laura!

A1. 185,205,225,235, in my limited math abilities I’m not sure if my last set was 240 or 245* A2. 30,40,45,50×8,50×3 *failed on 4th*
B. as rx’d 2:48 …box jumps suck… but fun way to end class!! Thanks Brett – good friday wod!!!

just my two cents: good luck to everyone competing in vancouver next weekend at regionals! You are all going to be amazing!!
Team CFC… you guys are the best!!! 🙂 have fun and giver hell!!! you are strong, fast, focused and impressive!!! especially given some of the personal challenges some of you have faced throughout sectionals – you should all be proud of yourselves – the spirit, drive, and tenacitiy you guys “put out there” is truley admirable and respectable!!! I’m sure I speak for more than just myself when I say you will do us all proud!!! thanks,

A1: 331, 353, 375, 395, 405 (PR by 30#)
A2: All x10 – 60, 70, 75, 80, 80
B: as rx’d 2:46

At work: (new Rogue bars and bumper plates!!)

Back Squat
15/15/12(2)(1) no chalk and slippery bar.

Clean and Jerk Tech
135/155/175/185 Felt good today but no chalk!

A1. 375/405/435/455/460
A2. 4 set with 60 for 10 reps

B. 3:52

A1: 125/135/145/155/160
A2: 15/17.5/17.5/20/20 (all x8)
B: 3:39 (p/u’s started from toes, then went to knees PDQ)!
Thanks Brett!

A1: 265/275/285/295/305(f)
A2: 35/40/45/50/55
B: 5:00
A1: 165/175/185/195/205(PR) – tried 210×1(PR)
A2: 15/17.5/17.5/20/20
B: 5:58 pushups from toes – arms were shaky from doing the bench presses
Thanks Brett

A1: 95/115/135X3
A2: 20 X 5
B: 4:05 (kneeling push ups)
THANKS 5:00 class and BRETT!

This was really fun!
A1 85/95/105/105/105
A2 20/20/22.5/22.5/22.5 (only made it to six reps on round 1 & 3)
B: Didn’t have an eye on the clock at all.

Thanks Brett. Awesome work, Judy!

A1. 95/95/105/115/125
A2. 15/17.5/20/22.5/25 (all sets x 10 except 25×9)
B. 4:50 as Rx’d
Fun class, thanks Brett!

A1. 265/275/285/295/305
A2. 35/40/45/50
B1. 3:31 as rx’d
Ran 5 km in 27:08. Took a while to loose up the legs

Chad you are beast!!!!!!!!!

A1. 95/115/135/155/165(f) tried again only 1 rep, tried 155(f) called it a day
A2. 20#-10rep, 25# – 7reps/8/6/4 right arm is significantly weaker
B. 4:15 push ups from knee, my right arm was so fried I couldnt even do one from toes! Other than that great class Laura!

Judy – error – pushups from knees as always!

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