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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, March 27, 2020

At Home WOD:

6 rounds for time under tension of:

Milk Jug Bicep Curls
Milk Jug Front Squats
Milk Jug Shoulder Press
Hamstring Curls

*Rounds 1 & 2, work for 1:00 at each movement, then rest for 1:00 once all 4 movements are complete in each round.  Rounds 3 & 4 work for :45 at each movement and then rest for :45 once all 4 movements are complete.  Rounds 5 & 6, work for :30s resting only :30s after each round.


50, 40, 30, 20, 10 reps rounds for time of:

Assault Bike – (Cals)


Coach’s notes:

For At Home WOD post time under tension and/or note breaks for each set in all rounds and post to comments. For WOD post time to complete to comments and how you broke up pull-up sets.

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Comments: 6

Another great turnout for the 6:30am WOD (welcome Patti and thank you for timing us all Derek!)

The Shoulder presses…oof!

Have a great weekend and stay healthy everyone!

Joined the 6:30 a.m. Zoom WOD. So much better than doing it alone. Shoulder press were the killers. Thanks Derek for keeping us on track. Thanks morning crew for letting me drop in.

Done! No pictures or video today, because I needed my phone as a timer In order to keep track.
Used 15# DB’s.
Hardest part by far was the shoulder press. Found that by going a little bit faster and using the stretch reflex helped. Probably should’ve gone a little lighter on those though. Was able to keep moving on all other movements.
Fun to join the 6:30 AM crew this morning as well, even if it was as a time keeper/coach. Great job you guys, way to keep the community spirit alive!

Shoulder press = hard. WOD = yes.
5kg plates for curls and squats, 2.5kgs for press.

Went for a run afterwards, needed to get out of the house. Ballpark 5k, ballpark 25min.

Home wod done
Used milk jugs. Shoulders were burning after each round!
Gonna try for the zoom wod tomorrow!

Wow! Record turnout this morning 🙂
Used 8# DB for first round then 10# for bicep curls and squats for all other rounds. Stuck with 8# for shoulder press – definitely the killer movement of this WOD.

Dug the big ball out of the storage room for the hamstring curls. It’s fun trying to find all the old exercise treasures for theses home WODs!

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