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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, March 25, 2011

A1.     KB Swings – 15 reps X 5 sets, rest 0s
        Notes:  Stay relaxed and consistent, breath and find rhythm.
A2.     Burpees – 10 reps x 5 sets, rest 60s
        Notes:  Keep these fast.
B.      DB Split Squat – 8-12 reps/leg X 4 sets @ 3010, rest 90s after both legs
        Notes:  Keep proper tempo, chest up, and increase load per set if you reach 12 reps.
Coachs notes:  Use 1.5 and 1.0 pood for KB swings.  Post notes for A1 and A2 and loads for B to comments.
Important Note – The last of the Kipping Seminars is this weekend!  Visit our online store to register.

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I think there’s a number missing from the 0 for the rest during KB swings. Or else just do 75 straight reps. Which is it??

Maria – you do the 15 KB swings then go striaght into the burpees, then rest 60 secs
1. 55s
2. 56s
3. 51s
4. 49s
5. 53s
B. worked on kippin to save legs for ski touring. Got my first 2 kips in a row 🙂

this workout looks gnarly. was going to take today off but guess i have to come in inw 🙂

KB as rx’d
B) stuck with 10# very sore glutes and hami’s
Thanks Laura and Colin

Thanks, Char.
A1/A2 as rx’d
B. 8 w/ 15#
6 w/ 17.5# for the other 3 sets – left leg weaker than the right even though I’m right-handed

Congrats on the kips Char …you are on your way! I do not beleive that I have seen anyone who does burpees faster than you 🙂

A1/A2 – as rx’d 50secs/49/53/53/53
B. did 4 x400m row sprints @ 85%- 1:37-1:44 (yuck)
Thanks Brett! good wod! (Nice burpees Kev!!)

A1/A2 – .7 pood 1:04/1:14/1:12/1:22/1:29
B – used 10lbs per hand for all sets. 8 reps.
Great class, thanks Brett!

A1/A2 as Rx’d – 55/60/66/69/72sec
B – 15#x12/17.5#x12/20#x10/25#x8
Thanks Brett!

A: As rx’d, total time 10:20 = 6:20 working = 380 s = 76 s avg, best was 61 s.
B: 12.5/15/17.5/17.5 – barely got 8 reps last round

A1/A2. 4:52 working time, a close second to “Old Guy’s” 4:30
Skipped B, dont want to have sore legs for tomorrow
Thanks Brett

A1/A2: as Rx’d 🙂 64/66/70/73/77sec
B: 12.5×10/12.5×10/15×8/15×8
We were right Sarah! TT Strength is working, used 1 pood, all sets unbroken!
Fun WOD, Thanks Brett!

Thanks for the push Mike…it is always good to have competition from the young guns:)
B. 25 x 10/30 x 8/35×8 ( sort of)/35x 8 with dropped weights at 6 on the right leg…could not believe how fast my heart was beating from the split squats. Thanks Brett for keeping my tempo honest …I was sure that my one, two , three count was correct 🙂
Good luck to all those doing the competition WOD

A: as rx’d; 1:14/1:11/1:17/?/ 1.20
B: bw/10/12.5/15
Thanks Brett and, 5:00 class.

A: 56/ 56/ 56/ 54/ 57 seconds
B: BW/ 12.5/ 15/ 20 x 10 reps

A: Pushed the KBs down for all sets to help speed them up. Pushed the pace on the burpees.
B: 35x3sets/40x8Lx6R

A1/A2: 5:00 mins working time.
B: BW/20/22.5/25
C: Bench press 5 sets x 5 reps with Alvaro 185/205/215/220×4/220×3
Good push Alvaro! T-Law, Ryan, thanks for the help with the butterfly pu’s tonight!

A. Can’t remember times b/c I didn’t write them down
B. All at about 10 reps, 12.5lbs. Tough but fun!
Thanks Brett and Colin!

A1/A2 .7 pood first four reps, .5 pood on the last (times?)
B. 8 reps, 10 lbs weights
Fun class Brett and Thanks to Karen for your help, it was great to meet you!

A. 1:16/ 1:17/ 1:18/ 1:19/ 1:24
B. 10 rep @15lbs / 12 rep @15lbs / 8 rep @20lbs / 8 rep @20lbs

Thanks Brett!

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