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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, March 20, 2020


 3 rounds for reps of:

1:00 Wallballs – 20#/14#
1:00 Double Unders
1:00 Strict Pull-ups
1:00 Dumbbell Walking Lunges – 50#/35#/hand

1:00 REST

At Home WOD:

A1.  Superman’s – 8-12 reps with 5s pause X 5 sets, rest 45-60s

A2.  Tuck Jumps – 10-15 reps X 5 sets, rest 45-60s

A3.  Side Bridge with Reach and Rotation – 8-12/side X 5 sets, rest 45-60s


A4.  Unassited Milk Jug Get-up – 10-15 reps/side X 5 sets, rest 45-60s

Coach’s notes:

Post reps per movement, per round and all totals to comments for WOD. For At Home WOD, post videos (preferably) and comments (everywhere) regarding all sets to website and Foster Community FB.

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Comments: 6

Did the at home WOD.
To simplify the counting I just did 12 reps of each movement across all rounds.
Used a 22.5# DB for the get-ups. Those were difficult after yesterdays single arm overhead squats.

Did the home WOD the milk jug get ups were a killer as my legs were fried from yesterday. Was surprised how easy the side bridges were.

A1. 12 reps/round
A2. 15 reps/round
A3. 12 reps/side/round
A4: 12 reps/side/round
TWT – Interminable….yikes.

That was so much harder than it sounded when I read it.

Thanks Brett!

Yowie Wowie! That was no joke!

Did 5 sets of 10 reps of everything like Derek.

Did the bridges on my elbow with my feet braced on the wall. (Martin, I don’t think you did these right if you thought they were easy)

Used a 5# plate for the get ups.

I think a rest day tomorrow.

Thanks for the killer WOD Coach!

Guess I sandbagged it. I thought Derek did 10 of each. 😏

Home WOD with the Paulenkos over FaceTime!
A1 – 12 to 15 reps each round. A bit of chatting and catching up the first round, not sure on count!
A2 – 15 jumps
A3 – 10 each side. 2 rounds from elbow, 3 rounds extended arm
A4 – 8/7/5/5/7 each side with 10#DB

Lots of fun over FaceTime – credit and thanks for connection and setting it up goes to Joanne!

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