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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, March 19, 2010

As many rounds in 20 minutes:

5 Deadlift

4 Hang Clean

3 Push Jerk


1 Rope Climb

Coach’s notes:  Guys and gals use 1/2 bodyweight.  Remember hang cleans are full squat catch.  Post rounds + reps completed to comments.

Compare to December 7, 2009

Comments: 15

Sadly I won’t be there for this, but someone count Alvaro’s rounds for me!

Prove us all wrong Alvaro, let’s see 10 rounds!

Scaled back to 45#…those OHS are my nemesis. Modified the climb from pulling myself up from the floor to a standing position – 5x’s. One modified climb short of 8 rounds.

9.5 rounds – used 90lbs

rounds 1 & 2 – full rope climb
rounds 3-6 – climb half way up
rounds 7&8 – 12 ‘strict rope pullups’

nice work Krista, Audra and every else on the ropeclimbs!

Bummer deal for Steve, ice that ankle lots Bro.

7 rounds as rx’d – 65 lbs *used legs on round 7 I think ??*
round 8 – as rx’d but climb only half
+ deadlifts round 9
Thanks Taylor! fun class! Audra!! awesome wod – your rope climbs are so good!!
nice work everyone in 930 – take care of your ankle Steve
*last time I did this wod: 7 rounds as rx’d but only 1 rope climb!*
Thanks again!

8 rounds as rx’d (58 lbs) (rope climb to the top each round although I do use my feet to anchor the rope so not sure if that is considered as rx’d))…
fun class Taylor!
nice work KP!

HAHA!!! Cory, don’t you think he can do 10???

As rx’d: 80 lbs, rope climb from seated using feet
7 rounds plus 4 DL
Rope climbs are a special kind of fun: my calf is cramping, my fingers and ankle are torn and my hands don’t work.

6 rounds+5+4+3 using 65 lbs
rope climb to the top each round.
Thanks for the encouragement Chelsea!

As rx’d 95lbs
6 rounds plus all but rope climb on 7th
Round 1 and 2 full climb arms only full 3 and 4 half way arms only 5 and 6 figured out how to use legs to help so full

well, well, well, as humble as the green man can be 🙂 10 rds!!! 18:41 min. Rope climbs from the standing position as I always do them. Didn’t see any purpose in trying to get 11 rds in as the mission was accomplished with 10!!!
Finished the first Rd in 45 sec. By the 3rd min I already had 3 rds in

Judy – 53lbs for lifts otherthan OHS @ 22 – 5 rds and 5 DL. Rope climb from floor to standing position.
Neil – used 95# for 6 Rds + 3/5 of Rd 7, subbed rope pulls ups, OHS’s really slowed me down after Rd 3, ending up doing one and dropping the bar and picking it up for second one, so more work (fun).
Hulk = force of nature, can’t believe I got to work out right next to him, a proud yet humbling moment… if any of you ever get the chance I highly recommend it…. still soooo stoked…..

Innerstrength, you forgot to log out and The Hulk jacked your account!

6 rounds +5DL + 1 hang clean.
Weight as Rx=60lbs (last time scaled to 52lbs for all but OHS, used 22lbs).
Did WOD at home, substituted rope climb with 5 pull ups.
OHS could have gone lower by the end, and started to push press the jerks in last couple rounds.

1 round and could not continue due to shoulder pain.

9 rds plus all the lifts in rd 10,but no rope climb.
First 5 rds of rope no feet, then started using the foot wrap and they were still slow and tiring.

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