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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, March 15, 2019


For total time:
3 rounds of:
10 snatches
12 bar-facing burpees
Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:
3 rounds of:
10 bar muscle-ups
12 bar-facing burpees

Men snatch 95 lb.
Time cap: 12 minutes

Coach’s notes:

Post reps complete to comments.

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Comments: 15

Thursday night date night!
90 reps
4 rounds plus 2 MU
3:47 time break

Epic Fran cough and hiccups afterwards.

Nice work everyone! Boys heat was fun – Didn’t stand a chance against you body weight ninjas.

Thanks for counting Kimmer!

71 reps
3 rds plus 5 BMU
Tie break 5:25
Thanks Derek

70 reps with 4:34 tie break time. Got my first MUs today and thought why not, I’ll do 4 of them. Thanks for all the cheers from the crowd!!! Super super inspiring (and humbling) to be here today.

Thanks for the push Nat! Great work everyone.

74 reps
6:19 for first couplet
Congrats Jeremy on your first bar muscleups and thanks Shawn for counting.

Did this last night with Storbakken, Ron and Josh Sather. Super fun group!

95 reps, 4:52 tiebreak Rxd. So happy with this one. This is the first open workout I felt went well for me :) Thanks for judging Rhiannon! And thanks to everyone who stayed to cheer us all on, and to Derek and Jen for yelling at me!

And yep, I had some solid Fran cough after that one too!

19.4 scaled

104 reps
4:45 tie breaker

Thought I would struggle more on the chin over bar but they went well. Super happy about this!

Thanks Jeremy for counting!

93 reps
Tie break time of 5:13.
Took it relatively easy on the first part and sacrificed my tiebreak time in order to make sure my BMU’s were going to be ok.
Thanks Josh!

114 reps
Snatch RX
Burpees with two foot takeoff
Tie break 5:15
Scaled to Jumping pull-ups

Fun 6am thanks everyone !
Felt sick for a while after this one

101 reps rx’d with 4:46 tiebreak. Completed with the guys last night. It was fun going neck and neck with Josh right to the buzzer. He got me by 1 rep… It’s not easy keeping up with you young fellows!

66 (5:01), no MU breakthrough today.

Really sorry to hear what happened, Kathryn. You’ve been crushing the open so far. 9am won’t won’t be the same until you get back!

89 reps 3:55 tie break
That was my fav so far this open, pumped to get some bmu in but they def fell off a cliff real fast!

95 reps (scaled)
I might have been the only person at 6am happy about burpees! Snatches went better than expected. My pull-ups were strict. Gotta figure out kipping…will add it to my list :) Great Work, 6am!! Thanks, Derek and Mike S

p.s. wishing you speedy healing, Kathryn!

66 reps rx’d. 5:55 tie breaker and yep, one hell of a Fran cough.

Thanks Mike! 7 Opens and I finally got you for a judge!!

Well done on the first BMU Lauren!!

Heal up quick Kathryn! ❤️

Rx: 112 reps, Tie break time 3:33

Paced really well. Only failed my last MU at the 12 min mark. This might be a 1 and done as I’m not sure I’ll improve to much over the weekend.

Thanks for the coaching and judging Derek P. Thanks for yelling at me 6pm! Congratulations to Jeremy, Andy and my girl Lauren for getting their first BMU.

Get well soon Kathryn.

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