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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, March 12, 2010

3 rounds for time:

800 m Run

21 KB Swings

15 Deadlift

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 1.5 pood and gals 1.0 pood for KB swings.  For the deadlift guys use 205 lbs and gals use 135 lbs.   Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 15

Barbell TT Homework

Bench press 4rm: 65/70/75/80/85/90×2
Squat 4rm: 145/150/155/160/165/170/175×2
Chin ups 4rm: bw/bw/bw/5lbs/7lbs/10lbs

I felt for Rhiannon that day doing “Annie”…
As rx’d – 22:58

As Rx’d
Followed by BW Backsquat/Jumping Squat WOD (bad idea)

….I feel your pain Rhiannon (your back looks pretty ripped though!) I’m wondering why there are never any “painful” pictures of Kris post wod??!! think i’ll bring my camera ……

as rx’d 17:57 (my legs don’t even feel like they belong to my body….still seized up after the jumping/back squat wod)

16:51 as rx’d. Trying not to fall too far behind Jake made sure it was an honest effort.
Chris – The idea of combining these 2 WOD made me cringe (and laugh…)

14:41 as rx’d 2nd and 3rd runs were tough.
Good WOD

As rx’d 17:25 nice work to everyone in the 5pm class!

22:46 as rx’d (don’t get to say that very often) My running is seriously abysmal.
Let’s do this one again in a few months, Brett.
SURELY, my running will have improved by then!

Rx 18:54

Crossfit is like a feisty girlfriend…you keep on coming back for more but don’t know why!

Pierre if your interested we are going to Glenmore track on Tuesday for the 400 splits WOD at lunch

17:28 as rx’d – it was such a treat to run outside. I really liked that wod! Thanks Brett! Great work by all at the 5pm class!

21:10 as Rx’d

Barbell Targeted Training

Squat 4 RM: 175 (PR)
Pull-up 5 RM: 32.5 (PR)
Bench 4 RM: 130 (lame)

Brett: Snatch practice did not make my double-unders better yesterday.

Lazy day. did modified Run to bike instead, forgot running shoes.


Not the same day. Did at home so only 1.25 pood.
Did 205 for DL.
Time: 26:42
Lost most time breaking up DL into sets of 3.
Lost 2nd most time crawling up basement stairs to start the run.

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