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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, June 5, 2009


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:

225 lb. Deadlift

Hands Stand Push-Up (HSPU)

Coach’s notes:  Gals use 155 lb. deadlift or scale as appropriate.  HSPU’s are done against a wall with forehead touching the floor on each rep.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to April 12, 2008

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Comments: 22

I’m gonna say those exercises should be reversed?

That’s better! Thanks Geoff!

6:52… scaled dl to 165lbs which was alot lower than i had planned… but i have developed a nasty habit of back rounding on the way down that i cant seem to correct consistently. hspu’s were blue/blue band assisted.

6:36…dl were 135# & modified HSPU’s – feet were higher than hips, though forehead wasn’t on the floor…a work in progress, as the saying goes

11:26. Scaled to 185 lbs and HSPU were green/black band assisted.

16:08 as Rx’d.
Deads were unbroken aside from 3 reps in the round of 15.
Handstand pushups done on the wall, crown to floor on almost all (gotta be honest)
First round of pushups I could make some multiples of 4 or 3, but basically did singles from halfway through first round and all of the 15 and 9 rounds

Deadlift as RX.
HSPU were green band assisted
Time: 12:38

Great work out! Tracey, thanks for your help with bands. 🙂

9:46 – deadlift scaled to 144 and HSPU were blue band assisted.

Deadlift as rx’d, HSPU from a box

Deadlift 135 lbs (didn’t think I could do it – but hey, somehow managed)
HSPU blue/blue band assisted
Thanks Brett!

Didn’t have accurate timing, assuming 15 minutes.
Deadlift 155lbs
Handstand Pullups Full

8:24, dl @ 155 and HSPU with green and blue band. First time with Diane

Deadlifts as Rx’d
HSPU with narrow (shoulder width) hand placement, forehead to a mat 2.5″ off the floor. (I can only go down to ground with wide hand placement, but then my shoulder feels like it will dislocate – again).

DL at 135 lbs (did 15s and 9s straight through)
HSPU from 20″ box

4:52 with 135lbs and kneeling HSPU. Thanks Trev!!

caption: Is this weight cold? Because if it’s cold, I don’t want to touch it…

have to learn to do HSPU better, scaled to a HSPU with feet ona smith machine bar
, DL as required, HSPU as stated before but did 42-30-18 reps

12:05 time

As Rx’d

Deadlift scaled to 185lbs
HSPU’s from toes on 20″ box

Can’t remember exact time, think it was about 6:00.
I cheated myself on DL and only did 75# which wasn’t much of a challenge at all.

185# DL, all sets unbroken. Not easy, but scaled too low.
HSPU w/ green+blue bands on the lower section of the pullup bar. These sucked. I have the upper body strength of a prepubescent couch potato.

7:42 AS Rx’d.

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