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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, June 3, 2011

A1.  Ring Push ups – 8-12 reps @ 31×1 x 5 sets, rest 90 seconds

A2.  Pull ups – 12-15 reps x 5 sets, rest 90 seconds

B.  DB External Rotation – 8-12 reps/arm @ 3010 x 3 sets, rest 60 seconds between arms

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for all sets to comments.

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A1: 5×12 all unbroken
A2: 5×15 all unbroken
B: Hmmm, not out of confidence but rather pure ignorance to what this drill entailed I started w 35lbs to fail at attempt #1!! Soon realized half that weight is appropriate and even at 17.5lbs I only (and just) made it to 8. I found this drill deceivingly hard (or less deceivingly, I’m not that strong). Thanks Laura & 6:00amrs, I enjoyed all the company and 1/2 the WOD.

Nice picture of our coach Brett at work on the front page of the city section this morning!

A1.8/9/8/8/8 boken into 5+2+1 sets from toes
A2. 13/12/12/12/12 kipping and broken
B. 10# made it to 8 every set
Thanks Laura!

At the “Y” with Colleens husband Russ.
A.1 5 x 12 unbroken
A.2 15/15/15/13(slipped off bar)/15
B. Started at 15lbs/ jumped to 25 for next set – right arm no problem for 12 – left arm struggled to get 10/ moved to 35 for right arm and stayed at 25 for left ( big struggle) both 12 reps.

no upper body due to shoulder…
A1. split squat (31×1) 8-10/leg – 5×10
10# first 3 rounds shoulder started to hurt went to 7.5# for last two
A2. GHD situp 10-12 – 5×12
Thanks for switching up the wod Laura!

A1. a smattering of from the toes but mostly from the knees 8 reps for all sets
A2. blue band-assisted for 5 reps then switched to green for the final 7. Then 3 reps w/ blue band and green band bringing up the rear (literally!!) for the 9.
B. first two sets of 8 reps used 10# then last set of 8 was w/ 7.5#
Thanks for letting me share the rings with you, Adelle. Always fun to work out together.

A1: realized I am not so good at push-ups to begin with..did push-ups from db’s all around 6-8 reps
A2; green band assist doing strict pull-ups..10-12 reps
B: 10 reps with 7.5#
Thanks for the help Todd!!

Still super sore from Dips/OHS on Sunday, so Todd showed me some more rotator cuff exercises. Pretty tough. Did a few strict pull ups but those hurt pretty bad still.

Thanks Todd

A1: 11/9/9/9/9 push ups from toes
A2: 15/12/12/12/12 using blue band – the tempo was killing me toward the end!
B: 10/7/7 with 5lbs
Thanks Chantal!

A1: 10/6/5/5/4
A2: 15/14/14/10/10

B: 7.5 lbs X10/10 lbs X7/10 lbs X6

A) 10/10/8/8/5
A2) 15/15/15/15/15

B) 12.5/12.5/12.5

A1 – 12/12/12/12/12
A2 – 15/15/12/15/15 – first 3 sets CTB, but I didn’t want my arms to fall off, so I dropped to standard kip
B – 10/8/8 – 12.5 lb/15 lb/15 lb

A: 10/10/10/10/10 – kneeling
A2: 12/12/12/12/12 – band
B – 3 x 400 meter runs (avoiding more neck injury)
THANKS Chantal and 5:00’ers.

A1. As rx’d
A2. Strict pull ups with tempo: 10,5/8,4,3/8,4/6,3,3/4,3 *these felt reallly hard … Ugh hard to pullup with the piano stuck to my rump*
B. Didn’t do – had to leave class early
Thanks Todd!!!! Your classes are great!!!

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