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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, June 19, 2020

5 rounds for time(s) of:

20 Single Arm Alternating Dumbbell Push Press – 50#/35#
15 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans
10 Strict Pull-ups
REST 2:00

Coach’s notes:

Post time per round and total working time to comments.

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Comments: 6

20:02 total time

40# DPP
Banded pull ups

Thanks Todd!

Why do I show up? The box is the best place to get a real rest. And that’s during the workout. Todd made me realize I have poll dancer potential after that fantastic stretch cool down routine.

Goal: get my mojo back for the cleans
Result: Covid took my mojo

I experimented with reps while keeping the same weight. Those last 5 reps for the cleans were killer. Stayed consistent until the last set where I broke them into fives and promptly realized how repulsive short rests are becoming to me. Never thought I’d say that. 30# was perfect for presses for the first week of workouts. Pull ups were banded but perfect for 5 rounds. Definitely at my limit by round five. Left hand gave out a couple of times. HR and breathing was challenging. Feel great as I continue to dig out of the Covid hole of darkness.

Time: 24 min
30# dumbbells

20:55 total time

– DPP: Rounds 1-4 @25#; round 5 @22.5#
– DHSC: Round 1 @22.5 (struggled); Rounds 2-5 @15# (tried to focus on technique of movement)
– Scaled to ring rows: 10-12 per round

Trying to focus on technique and movement..

Thanks Todd!

14:59 total working time.
20# DB shoulda used 25#
2 medium bands for pull ups.

Great to see lots of new faces.

Thanks Brett!

21 something, about 30 seconds slower then OG whatever that time was…
Used 50s, died every round on the cleans.
Overdue for a rest day…
Thanks Derek!

Hang squat cleans with 22.5# – not nice !!!

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