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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, June 18, 2010

 Bodyweight Deadlift on the Minute

Coach’s notes:  Post number of minutes to comments.

Compare to October 18, 2009

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cool photo.
Can’t help but be reminded of that scene from the 1st matrix where Trinity kicks some ass.

www *dot* scifiheaven.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/trinity2.jpg

Haha, all Geoff needs is a leather bodysuit. Anyone want to do this one with me next week when I am back? Been waiting for it to come up again.

150 BW – 11 rds + 10 reps…always amazed at how well the reps go until WHAM…hit wall, game over!!

190 BW 14 Rounds Completed. Stopped due to form falling apart.
These on the minute workouts sure stall fast. Thanks Kris.

225 slightly more than BW
11 rounds + 10

13 + 12

122.5# BW
12 rounds, now that I think of it, should have gone into the next round….ooops! I was just excited that I completed the 12th round 🙂
Last time, 11 rounds and scaled to 100#

Did BW (=157.5)

Last half of last round was lots of lift/drop/lift/drop
Previous go was BW=150 – did 14+10
Conclusion #1: The 8 lbs I gained included enough muscle to get 1 more round.
Conclusion #2: I need to put on 32 more lbs to get to 15 rounds.

BW (assumed 165#, could be 5# shy :))= 12 rds + 10. Hit a wall all of a sudden

15 + 4 at BW 210#

I probably could have finished round 16, but form was starting to go (what little was there to begin with).

Did BW 172.5
I have a bit of brain fart on the number of rounds completed. I think it was 15,
so 15+9???

BW ~175lbs
17 rounds complete.

Feeling it this morning………..

got confirmation 16+9

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