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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, June 17, 2022

7 sets for load:
3 power snatches

75 GHD sit-ups

Coach’s notes:

Post load for all sets of power snatch to comments.

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Comments: 2

Up to 165, everything felt a little heavy at the back end of the week.
Hit GHDs in between sets.
Thanks Colin!

Worked up to 155, then added (only) 5# to 160, but ended up in a squat for the 3rd rep. I mention this because I wanted to emphasize how generally speaking, the snatch requires small increases and how even small increases can drastically change how we perform the lift.
Went back to 155# and managed to hit a bunch of sets, 6 or 7?
GHD sit-ups = 25/25/11, then got distracted, etc., and never got back to them.

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