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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, June 12, 2020

Complete for time:

 “Double Grace”

60 Dowel Clean and Jerk

Coach’s notes:

Just kidding. ;) You can use weight, RX'd is 135#/95#. Post time to compete to comments.

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Looking forward to gripping a barbell again…my tender hands may say different💪🏼 So great to be able to come back. Wash your hands.

No dowel today. So excited to be back with the crew at 6:00am!!
Thanks Derek

Like tasting candy for the first time. I was a little tearful. It’s been rough. So happy to see everyone and to have a great space to workout unhindered.

The goal today was to find my flow again and let my body get familiar with a weighted bar and clean and jerk. Not a lot of weight but enough. Mission accomplished. Grateful beyond words.

Thank you B&R!
I know you put a lot of love into everything you do for us.

9:34 RX’d.

Great to be back working out with the crew!!

It was pretty cool to come in and turn on the lights again this morning.
Coached this one at 6:00am and thanks to everyone for being the guinea pigs for all of the new protocols.
Did this one at 9:30am.
8:18 @ 115
This was a good load for the first day back.
Thanks T!
Great to see everyone again!

Faster than the first time I did it.
About 2 minutes off the last time.

All reps were no re-dip straight into jerk – except for the 8 or so I push pressed.

So nice to see everyone in their bubbles tonight.

By 2 minutes off – I mean 2 minutes slower than last time. First Grace was soooo slow.

11:06 @ 80#
First time I did Double Grace was this weight 5 years ago. Minute faster tonight.

Will be a bit before I’m doing it rxd again.

So frigging fragging awesome to move heavyish weight again.

Thanks Ragnar and Derek.

Checked my book and I’ve never done Double Grace. That, combined with an aggravated hamstring injury and nagging shoulder pain led me to be smart about this one and keep it light at 95lbs. It was very much the right choice as I was able to cycle the first 8 reps comfortably before settling into singles. Finished the first 30 in 4:28, only 8 seconds longer than my Rx best. The other 30 took a bit too long as my back fatigued and I finished at 10:20.

So good to see everyone and to lift something heavier than a dowel!

Thanks Ragnar!!

RX: 10 something… Or 11 something.

Truthfully, today was not about the clock or the load; it was about community and virtuosity. I wasn’t going to set any world records today, that was the most weight I’ve lifted in 3 months. But without even thinking two or three times I stopped mid work out just to look around and see all the sweating happy faces.

I like to think that virtuosity doesn’t just apply to gymnastics, weightlifting or monostructural movements. It also applies to being a human being and if I can if we can all be uncommonly kind to each other, the world is going to be full of love PRs.

Thanks Coach T! Great work 9:30!

love you guys

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