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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, July 24, 2009

 For reps and time:

Tabata Push Ups

75 Alternating Dumbbell Full squat Snatch

Coach’s notes:  Perform 8 rounds of tabata push ups for total reps.  Guys use 30 lb and gals use 20 lb dumbbells for the snatch.  Post total reps and time to complete 75 snatch to comments.  There is no rest in between. 

Important Reminder – CFC is hosting a gymnastics certification this upcoming weekend and therefore all classes on Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26 will be cancelled (with the exception of the POSE running class which will run as scheduled).  For more information on the certification click here.

Comments: 11

25 lbs for snatch
Push-ups 19/14/8/6/7/7/7/5=73
Total time (incl. tabata): 16:51

excellent first round of tabata PUs JeffL!

Push-ups: 17/16/14/12/12/9/8/7 = 95
75 alternating SPLIT snatch at 30lb = 7:38
Total time 11:38

9/7/4/5/5/4/4/4 I am looking forward to a time when my stomach doesn’t hit the floor first! Not many reps but they were from my toes:) DB snatch as rx’d-right side was a million times easier than my left. 10:47 Thanks for the good coaching Brett- next time I’ll hope for an 8 minute miracle.

elbow sore for snatches and short on time

as rx’d
Push Ups – 13/13/13/13/9/8/7/6 = 82
75 db Snatch (30#) – 5:48

as rx’d..though I wish I could have split snatched!!!

14 PUs/round….112 total….

5:57 for snatches…

Since my tabata pushup score is typically pretty low, I took the advice to try and maintain a certain number for the entire set. Perhaps I should have aimed for a higher number, as I had a lot of rest time, but it was still an improvement on my last tabata pushups.


Snatches (30#) in 8:37.

Right side snatches felt good, but left side never seemed to develop the flexibility, and always felt a bit off balance at full extension.

12/12/12/10/6/6/6/5 = 69 best number.
7:51 for the snatches.

Went through the books, found tabata something else from January 12, did 73 on the knees! psycho improvement.

Neil 14/14/11/9/7/6/6/5/, 9:12 for snatches
Judy 9/7/6/7/7/7/6/7 from knees, snatches – need lots of work – great difficulty doing a full squat with weight..basically just practiced

Tabata push ups 11/11/10/9/8/7/7/6= 69

Alternating snatches 20 lbs 10:12

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