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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, July 23, 2010

A1.  OHS –  2-4 reps @ 3211 x 5 sets, rest 90 seconds

A2.  Double Unders – 50 reps x 5 sets, rest 90 seconds

B1.  KB swings – 25 reps unbroken x 4 sets, rest 90 seconds

B2.  Wallballs – 25 reps unbroken x 4 sets, rest 90 seconds

Coach’s notes:  Post load for OHS, sets for double unders and loads for KB swings and wallballs to comments.

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I started following this site recently… Can somebody please explain the rep/set scheme for me? For the OHS? Thanks!

Use a load for the OHS that puts you into the 2-4 rep range. If you reach 4 reps, increase the load. 3211 is the tempo – lower the weight for 3s, pause 2s in the bottom, raise the weight in 1s and then pause at the top for 1s. After each set rest 90s, alternate between A1 and A2 (double unders) and repeat for 5 sets.

Please note that there will be no CrossFit Preschoolers class today. If interested in August session, please contact chantal@crossfitcalgary.ca or admin@crossfitcalgary.ca

Thank you

A1. 62lb x 4, 67lb x 4, 72lb x 4, 77lb x 4, 77lb x 4
A2. 50, 50, 50, 50, 50(broken on last one)

B1. 1pd 4 sets
B2. 12lb 4 sets, broken

A1. 95,105,115,125,135 all at 4 reps
A2. 4 sets of 50 none unbroken best was 44
B1 1pd broken 1pd unbroken 1.25pd broken 1.25 pd broken
B2. 14 pd unbroken for 4 sets

A1. 115#x4/125#x4/135#x4/140#x3/140#x4
A2. 50/50/50/38/14 (All very broken)
B1. 1.25 unbroken/1.5 unbroken/1.5 broken/1.5 broken
B2. 20# unbroken/20# unbroken/20# broken/20# broken

A1 – 95X3/100X3/105X2/110X2/115X1
A2 – 90s worth 50/38/47/27/24 – best was 26 unbroken in rnd 3 – likin’ the wire rope
B1 – 1 pdX25/1pdX25/1.25pdX25/1.5pdX15+5+5
B2 – 16X25/16X20+3+2/16X13+3+3+2+2+2/0X0

Didn’t realize I missed the last round of WB’s until I posted.

Did the “Crazy Helen” from the games in 31:55 min
then practiced HSPUs

A1) 75/85/95/105 Only did 4 sets for A due to time constraints
A2) 50/50 (broken once)/50/50 (broken)
B2)14/14/14/16 dropped once but caught on bounce and kept going.
Thanks Erin for being my partner, this WOD was much harder then it looks. Thanks for a good class Brett.

A1) 52×4/57×4/62×3/62×4/67×2
A2) 50(broken once)/50/50/50/50(broken twice)
B1) 0.7/1pd/1pd/1pd (rounds 2-4 broken)
B2) 12/12/12/12 all broken

50/50/50/50/50 Many Breaks

1.5 Pod all 4 Rnds
14/18/18/18 for Wall Ball

Starting to feel more comfortable with OHS

A1) 32×4/42×4/47×4/52×4/62×3
A2) 50/50/50/50/16 (All broken)
B1)1pd/1pd/1.25pd/1.25pd (rounds 3+4 broken)
B2) 8lbs (rounds 2-4 broken)

1A. 60/5, 65/5,75/5,80/4,80/4
1B. 46, 50 (yeah, new PB!), 50×3 sets broken twice
2A. 1 pod, 25 reps x 4 (broken last 2 sets)
2B. 14 ball, 25 reps x 4 sets
Tough, but fun WOD! Thanks.

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