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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, July 22, 2011

A.   21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time:

Ring Dips

Box Jumps – 24”/18”


B. 20 Box jumps on the minute for 10 minutes:


Coach’s notes: Post time to complete A and notes for B to comments.

Important Notice – A reminder that we will have the fantastic opportunity to hear Dr. Chris Herrera, an expert on sleep and performance, speak to our members on Saturday, July 30th from 3:30-4:30 pm. Click here for more details.

Comments: 17

A. 6:43, with assisted ring dips and 24″ box
B. using 20″ box, not able to do the 20/min. Rounds were 20,20,20,19,10 (really fell apart there),15,15,15,15,20

Speed golf! Blue Mash golf course 114 min carrying six clubs in my hands, 100 degrees temp.
The fact that i finished without feeling sick is already huge! Interesting experience that i probably wont repeat :)

A. 1:49
B. 25-26s/set X 10

A: 3:44 with blue and purple band on ring dips
B: got all 20 on all but one set 5th set only got 10
Thanks Gord! Great warm up

A: 4:42
Red Band 14/6/1
Purple Band 10/5
Purple Band 9

B: Did 20 every minute switching from 18″ to small box every round.
Small: 30 sec
Large 45 sec

Ouch! So fun. Thanks Gord!

A) 6:39 I think.. lost my sheet already… blue band ring dips and 18″ box
B) 10 every round with 18″ box… worked on trying to keep speed up… consistently 22sec for each round.

Thanks Chantal!

A: 6:14 as Rx’d
box jumps unbroken and ring dips very broken
B: 20 on the minute for all but 5th round, did 12 due to shoe lace malfunction
Thanks Chantel!

A: 7:26 – dips went to singles, tried band-assisted but don’t think it sped things up
B: Wooden box with rounds of 12. Good height and reps to work on speed.

A: 5:20 Dips got wonky
B: Reps of 10 on 20″
-AVG 12 sec/rd

A: 3:40
B: 20″ box, 10,12,15,15,15,15,15,15,20,20
Legs were still sore from Tuesday’s WOD so I went down a box size.
Good WOD!

2:01 Unbroken

3:00 Broken like a mo-fo

A. 3:48 with purple band
B. worked on speed so scaled to 15 for each set (20-27 secs)
nice work kelsey,
thanks chantel.

A. 2:57-subbed pullups for ring dips – box jumps unbroken
B. between 25-30 secs/round

A. 4:23 w/ 2 skinny bands and 18″ box
B. 10 reps/round on 18″ box. 12-16 secs/round. Next time a couple more reps!
Thanks Chantal and Mark!

A: 6:53 Green band assist, 18″ box.
B: 10 reps/round on 18″ box. (16-24 seconds)

3:55 with blue band. should have lesser band or without even.
reps of 10. tried to workon speed and consistency

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