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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, July 10, 2020

A1.  Row – 250m X 5 sets, rest 2:00

A2.  Deadlift – 5 reps X 5 sets, rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:

Post time per row and total time for all 5 rows, plus loads for all sets of deadlift to comments.

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Comments: 9

A1 – 45.5/45.1/44.3/43.7/43.7
Got faster each round except the 5th

A2 – 155/185/225/245/255

Thanks Brett

First serious DL since Covid.
My approach was to use the rows to really warm me up for the DL and increase the weight every set until failure. Mentally moving from ‘survive the workout’ to ‘drive the workout’. An attitude I need to work on.

A1 – 1.00/55.1/54.3/48.8/49.1
Improved technique really makes me more confident with getting more aggressive.
Pace:33 to 37 range
Tension: 6

A2 – 115/145/230/245/255
Had to split 5th set into 2/2/1
I would start my DL at 225 next time.
Felt great with improved form. The small adjustments make a huge difference.
Thanks for the coaching Brett.

Not sure of first 2 rows, too busy dishing sarcasm to OG, but last 3 were 1:23, 1:17 and 1:12

For DL, 95/105/105/105/115
Nice end to the week! Thanks OG and 6am crew!

DL up to 345, stayed lightish to focus on form
Row 43/45/45/45/45
Thanks Brett!

Those rows…. Ouch.
Round 1: 49.2
Round 2: 50.2
Round 3: 51
Round 4: 51.2
Round 5: 51.7

Knew I’d be going a bit lighter(ish) on the deadlifts, so tried to push myself on the row. May have seen a bright light at one point in the 4th round… Got to 195lbs on the deads.
Thanks for the coaching, Josh! And for the encouragement, Chris and Mike!

Apparently my time management was very poor tonight as I only got in 4 rounds. Also, my expectations for the deadlift did not adequately factor in the impact of the rows as I had planned to hit my old 5rm of 325….dumbass!
A1. 0:52/0:55/0:58/0:58
A2. 265/285/305 (4+1)/315 (x2…then went back for the last 3 after a 3:00 rest)

Thanks Josh for the tips on a locked down core and proper breathing!

Didn’t really pay attention to the row at all.

So my old 1 rep was 195 … not too sure how I pulled this one off today

Thanks for the spare plates Sandy!

Thanks Josh!

The rowing…uhhh…after yesterday’s WOD, I took it very very easy and didn’t have time to finish it all. Not too sad about it.

As usual, didn’t keep track of my sets on deadlifts or add up the weight until the end.

Finished with 275 x 5. That doesn’t seem too far off from my 1RM so I’m happy with that.

Thanks Josh!

Rows: 1.0, 58.6, 1.0, 58, 1.0
DL: first 2 sets @ 125#, last 3 sets at 145#

Still feeling tentative with the DL’s, but happy with some progress..

Thanks Colin! Great job 6am!

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