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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, January 8, 2010

Each minute on the minute:
5 Knees to Elbows
10 Box Jumps
15 Double Unders


Coach’s notes: Guys and gals use 20″ box.  There is a 30 minute time limit.  Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

CF Games 2010 – CFC Affiliate Team info is now posted.  Click here to view.

CFC 2 Saturday, February 27, 2010.  Stay tuned for more details.


Comments: 19

Scaled back to 4 K2E, 4 box jumps & 10 DU’s – 15 rounds. Could’ve gone further except for the weak link of K2E.

Thanks Brett & Way to Go, Alona!!!!! Wish you all the best on your move to Nova Scotia

as rx’d for 9 rounds, scaled to 3-6-9 for 10-12, then back to as rx’d for 13-20. Then shut er down. Calves are seized up already!! Thanks Brett…Great work everyone this am

as rx’d for 2 rnds + 2 DU’s short of round 3… then scaled to 5,5,10 and went to round 20. last round tried to go back to 5,10,15 but couldn’t get the DU’s going… that was the trick for me… 5 box jumps and i could do my DU’s straight thru on first try… 10 box jumps and then i can’t get my DU’s started

as rx’d for rnds 1-3 +3 DU’s short of round 4 … rnds 5-10 scaled to 4,8,12 … rnds 11-14 scaled to 3,5,10 then for rnd 15… back to rx’d (had it in my head this was my last round)
DUs were killer for me – couldn’t get them going as rounds increased (like in 3s & 4s)

Think I kind of missed the point of Brett’s WOD here (sorry) should have done more scaled to keep to the 25-30 sec range and tried to go to full 30 min (or at least 20!)
Thanks Brett, this was a test of my endurance (agh- obviously needs more work!)
ALONA!!! nice way to say goodbye! you did awesome – we’ll miss you! All the best out east

SLOppy! got to about 7 rounds before Pukie paid a visit :(. Continued to round 15 but missed a few in between and scaled BIG time.

Great Job, ALONA! Way to stick it out for 30 rounds! AMAZING. Have a safe trip to Halifax. We’ll MISS YOU!

Couldn’t skip without hitting something. If this comes around again I’m doing it at home.
Scaled to 5/5/5 for 10 rounds, got frustrated with lack of space and quit.

3/4/6 for first 5 rounds then 3/4/7 for remaining 25 rounds. I believe I scaled it appropriately but would consider doing 3/5/9 next time to see how I do.

Alona, good luck with Halifax as your new home! Make sure you look up Matt! 🙂

Judy – scaled to 2/5/8..30 rounds..last 10 or so I did stepup boxjumps. Next time I would scale it more to 3/5/10

Started at 3/5/12 for the first 3 rnds then changed to 3/4/10 for the remainder of rnds.
1 DU short of 28 rnds.
Thanks Brett. A great WOD.

Scaled to 3/4/4, but with a major breakthrough on the DU, moved to 3/4/5. Went for 22 rounds, and then the DU completely fell apart.
Feels good to actually string some DU together. Was able to get up to a string of 5-6. Not a lot, but it’s a start!

Alona, Good luck with your move back to Halifax. I will miss seeing you at cross fit. Hope our paths can cross again.


Alona, great work today. Thanks for your membership and contribution to CFC. We will miss you!

Hey Jeff,

My fault tonight, I should have had you guys split up into 2 groups starting 30s seconds apart, realized this after it was too late. Next time I will manage it better.

Rebecca: 30 min as Rx’d

Good luck in Halifax, take care and I wish you all the best!!

Scaled to 3, 5 and 10 managed to make it to the 30th round!

scaled to 3, 7, 10 and made it to 11. Practice, practice, practice. Way to go Anita and Karen you two were on fire!

This one looked way more fun the the pushup version, I’m sorry I missed it! I considered trying to get it done up here in Edmonton, but then noticed I only had my lifting shoes in my gym bag…

Good luck Alona, come visit us sometime!

2 DU shy of 2 rounds. #$%@&ing DUs

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