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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, January 22, 2010

5 rounds for time and reps:
60 Walking Lunges
AMRAP Bench Press
Rest 3 minutes
Coach’s notes: Use bodyweight for bench press or scale as required.  Post total working time and load and reps for bench press to comments.  

Comments: 15

Scaled to 75# 10/10/9/8/7
Total working time = 15:49 (assuming this means w/o the rest time included)

Scaled to 65# 20/13/10/11//7
Total working time = 14:20

I must comment on the picture of the “Alona” workout. It was really tough WOD, but the toughest part was the math at the end when there was no blood going to the brain. Maybe we could put this one on the board?

Neil – 95 lbs
2:35/2:34/3:03/2:58/3:24= 14:34 reps 25/22/17/14/13
Judy – subbed pushups for bench
3:20/3:10/3:10/3:40/3:40=17:00 reps 22/19/18/15/15

as rx’d 215 8/8/7/6/5
Total Time: 28:39 working time 16:39

65 lbs for bench press 17/16/11/11/12
The start of the workout was a bit chaotic and I wasn’t watching the clock as close as I should have. I started my lunges second in the group and I think the clock was @ 45 seconds. My finish time after 5th set of lunges was 24:37 which of course doesn’t include my 5th round of bench presses. I need to make sure I watch the clock a lot closer for a more detailed posting next time.

Lunges: 1:24/1:23/1:28/1:35/1:30 = 7:20
Bench (85 lbs): 23/17/14/10/11=75
Time spent getting to bench then lifting: 5:51
Total non-resting time: 13:11

squat cleans, singles 175, 180(f), 180, 185, 190(PR), 195 (PR) bwt=160

Scaled Bench to 85lbs 22/18/16/15/12
Walking Lunges time 1:19/1:23/1:21/1:17/1:15 Total time: 6:35 Nice job tonight Kim and Mark.

Bw 175#
As Rx’d
Time (lunges + bench) = 12:45
Bench = 12-12-10-9-8

Scaled to 95# 20/16/14/13/13
I didn’t write down the lunge times.
Total time 25.15
Working time 13,15

Scaled to my bodyweight in grade 5 -65#
18/16/11/10/7 – wow, I suck at these.
Walking lunges: 1:16/1:09/1:06/1:07/1:10
Thanks Karen for counting and spotting!

Whoops misunderstood WOD. Our time includes lunges and bench presses/pushups.

Bench press @ 62lbs: 23/20/22/20/ about 15-17(lost count on the last set)
Lunges: 1:20/1:25/1:34/1:40/1:22
Thanks Kris for pushing me with the bench press it really helped me to get a few extra reps that I didn’t think I had left.

Walking lunges were abound the 2 minute mark for each round. Coasted the last 10-15 on each round to be more rested for the bench.

215# bench presses
9 .. almost 10


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