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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, January 15, 2010


10-1 Hang Snatch Ladder


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 115 lbs and gals 75lbs.  Post time to complete to comments.

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If you want a pair, email me at djwickha@ucalgary.ca and provide me with the model and size you are looking for.

And yes that email is correct, no “m” on the end

This WOD needs way more of a description.
My guess is:
Full squat snatches from the hang for rounds of 1ea, 2ea…. 10ea

Most likely not quite it (at least I hope I am wrong), but someone will correct me, the race is on.

The hang snatch is a full squat catch. Do 10 HS without putting the bar down, then 9HS, …1HS

I was wrong… it is worse than I had thought

53 #’s
Should go for 60#’s next time, unless I get a load better at snatches.

11:52 Scaled to a whopping 33# with the large number of reps, I needed to keep the weight down to work on better technique.

Thanks Brett…good work everyone in the am class. Tougher than it looked.

First time to CFC – great space and great people as expected
WOD all over the map
Rnd 10-9 – as Rx’d (ish)
Rnd 8-7 – 105
Rnd 6-1 – 95
24:58 – Thanks Brett for pulling the last 5’s off

from yesterday’s wod – not exactly as rx’d… for rope climb used legs (have rope burn to prove it!) apparantly rx’d for rope climb is arms only! even tougher!!! still a super fun wod! Thanks Kris!
strength today: thanks Brett and Chelsea!

This was a frustrating one!
Failed at 10 x2 with 42lbs then 37lbs
Completed the ladder at 33lbs, but needs a lot of work!

Done @ 105 15:13
Failed once at 8 reps

Thanks Brett

75 pounds

First round @ 115, then failed the round of 9 twice. Dialed down to 95 and did 9 thru 1. Not great, but whatever, it’s Friday
Thanks for the tips Trevor!

I’ve been doing my own thing (Max Effort black box type of programing) and generally not posting. Here was today’s:
A. Squat cleans 5-5-5-3-3-3
135×5, 145×5, 160×5, 165×3, 170(f), 170×3 (bwt=160)
5 min rest
B. 10 rounds of ‘Cindy’

9:12 @ 75#. Could have gone heavier, no doubt!

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