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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, January 1, 2010


“The Hangover”

As many rounds in 20 minutes:

500m Row

30 Ball Slams

10 Ring Inverts


Coach’s notesGuys use 20lb wallball for the ball slam, gals use 14lbs. Post rounds + reps completed to comments.

Due to today’s holiday a modified class schedule will be in effect.  A 9:30 am class and a 6:00 pm class will be available for member and drop in attendance.  Happy New Year!

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Comments: 9

4 rounds + 420m row. Great job everyone. Thanks for a fun class Kris.

I wasn’t feeling that great before the workout, so I took it nice and easy.

3 rounds + row + 30 ball slams

3 rounds + 60m row
rx’d. The ring inverts were fun.

As rx’d – 20 lbs – high rings
3 rounds + row + looked in direction of ball + looked at clock + laid down on floor
Slow part was ball slams – couldn’t grab the ball after 6-8 reps

2 rounds + 500 m row + 30 ball slams + 7 ring inverts
found the ring inverts hard and disorienting

3 rounds + 240m on the row. First work out in 10 days and i can’t stop coughing.

I got these upside-downs from the handsome boy in the picture.. just like his dad.

4 rounds + 7m row.

2 rounds for me 🙂
Still learning how to walk after the 200 thrusters and it seems that it will a take a full week for full recovery

6 pm “The Hangover”

3 rounds + 140 m on rower.

This workout was alot of fun. I had never done ball slams before, they kind of reminded me of a WWF “wrastling” move. I especially like the inverts, they were definitely the fun part of the work out!

Thanks Brett and Michelle!

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