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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, February 7, 2020

Tabata Intervals for reps of:

  1. Box Jump Overs (using hands on box) – 24”20”
  2. Dumbbell Ground to Overhead – 50#/35#/hand
  3. Toes to Rings
  4. Medicine Ball Cleans – 20#/14#

Coach’s notes:

Post reps per movement, per round and all totals to comments.

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Comments: 10

Dumbells @ 40s…five rounds were 5, 3 were 4
Toes to rings…6 rounds were 3, 2 were 2s
Med Ball Cleans @ 20#…6 rounds were 5, 2 were 4s
Box Jumps @ 24″…5 rounds were 7, 2 were 6, 1 for 8

Great job 6am (and great to see some new faces joining us!)…thank you Derek!

Hakuna Tabata!!! Always a good workout no matter what the movements are.
– box jump overs: 15 each round
– GTOH: 5’s at 30# in each hand
– toes to ring: 6’s and then down to 5 for last two
– Med ball cleans: I was happy with 5’s and then 4’s per round at 20#.

This one wore me out.
Thanks Tania!

Long week, but wanted to give this one a shot.

1. 18/18/18/18/16/16/10/18 = 132. Fun trying to figure this movement out.
2. 2/3/3/3/3/2/3/3 = 22. Well that was extremely heavy!
3. 3/10/10/10/10/10/10/11 = 84. Actually recovered a tiny bit here, core feeling it towards the end though.
4. 4/4/7/7/7/7/7/9 = 52. No life left……..
TOTAL = 290
Lots going on in this WOD, will be covering Box Jump Overs with hands in a Tech Tuesday.
Thanks Coach T., good job Crew.

Gosh. Third workout in two days. Little tired but feeling good.

1. Learn the new movement but keep a quick pace/bounce. Do not scrape shins.
2. Keep the GTOH weight light-25lbs
3. Do first-round toes to rings then bent knee leg lifts. Keep the rhythm
4. 20lbs Med Ball. Survive. Keep form. Go as hard as I can.


1. 10/14/14/15/15/16/14/12. I scraped my shin on the 3rd rep. Irony. Carried on with hands placed at the end of the box. Very challenging.

2. 5/7/6/6/6/7/7/6. Attempted to add a swing and hip thrust to pass shoulders. Nah. Heavier weight next time. 35? My body is tired.

3. 7/9/9/9/8/9/6/3. Nothing left.

4. 6/6/5/5/5/4/5/4. I didn’t want to hurt my wall ball’s feelings so I cursed my family, Tania, Mr. Tabata, the president of the United States and Kelly Clarkson. My legs blew up and now I’ll be sore for three glorious days. I’d like to apologize to my family, Tania, Mr. Tabata, and Kelly Clarkson for my misplaced hateful feelings. Screw the president.

Thanks for making me sweat and grow stronger.

Box jump overs using bench 19/19/20/17/19/20/21/20
DBGOH – 20# 3 each round
MB cleans – 14# 5 each round
T2Rings – 7/6/5/4/5/6/6/6

I like tabatas and this was a good one! Good work 6am. Clean that box wound, Darren!

One Tonne Lift Off

PRs tonite.

Snatch to 110# (10#pr)
Deadlift to 325# (5#pr)

Bench, clean and jerk and back squat are status-quo. (Matched current 1RM)

Great evening lifting, well done all- thanks Brett, Zac and Shannon!

One Tonne Lift-Off

Well this was an eye opening, humbling experience.

Snatch: 80#
CJ: 115#
Just missed my 1RM for both lifts by 5#.

Bench: 80#
Failed 85#
Not a PR but it was the weight I wanted to hit.

Back Squat: 135#
Failed 155#
25# off my 1RM

Deadlift(Sumo): 205#
Failed 215#
30# off my 1RM

Competition setting wasn’t on my side tonight and the time limit killed me.

Pretty disappointed with how it went for me but still happy I did it.

Great job to my partner Rhian who killed it and was definitely the star of the team. Thanks for being my partner.

A-MAZ-ING lifting tonight!! Some HUGE PRs Congratulations to everyone who PRed tonight.

Thanks Zak and Brett for putting on a great event.

Would love to see more in house competitions.
But something in my wheelhouse like Box Jumps for time or UB kettlebell swings. 😜

Super fun night at the 1Ton Liftoff. Great to see everyone out – some awesome lifts!

PRd 4/5 lifts, so that’s pretty fun.

Snatch was 145#. (10# pr) Pretty ugly power snatch haha.

Clean and Jerk tied old 1RM at 185#

Bench 235# (10# pr? Maybe more like 20-30# I’m actually not sure here at all, been so long. Can’t remember if I’d done 2 plates in the past or not, know I’ve done 205# for sure).

Squat 335# (10# pr)

Deadlift (sumo) 445# (30# pr!)

Super fun night, great to hang with the community after. Thanks for partnering Nick, had a blast, you killed it. Strong dude. Think we finished with 2830# between us – gotta try for 3 bills next year!

Thanks for all your work Zack, Brett, Shannon, and everyone else involved!

1 ton liftoff!

Snatch 190# – 5# PR
Snatchie snacks with adrenaline is awesome

C&J 245# (failed 255#, knees went forward not our and dip

Bench 260# – 40# PR I think
I don’t think I’ve ever done a 1RM with bench since I started CrossFit. Definitely a struggle to get up but fucking stoked.

Back Squat 315# (failed 325#)
I didn’t think I’d get over 295, but adrenaline is an awesome thing. Want to get back to some heavy lifting soon.

(Conventional) DL 425# (10# PR I think)
Watching my fit friend Jeff hitting 445# was a huge inspiration for me.

Thanks Zac for organizing this. Thanks for judging Shannon.

So exciting to see how strong our community is.

Box jump overs using bench
DBGOH – 25#
MB cleans – 14#

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