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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, February 4, 2011

75 reps in as few sets as possible of:


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 lbs.  Rest as needed between sets.  Post total time to complete as well as number of sets to comments. 

Compare to  September 17, 2010

Comments: 12

I lost my little paper with the reps but it was 6 sets scaled to 75#. I tried 95# but couldn’t get low enough.
Thanks Brett and everybody at 9:30!

At the “Y” – 25/26/15 (lost grip – no chalk)/9. Wrists were very sore after 2nd set. Followed by my favorite -Rhiannon = 684

Good luck everyone with the Intergalactic Throwdown. Alvaro ….for god’s sake warm-up first:)

First time doing this WOD
This was a long one but I am happy that i was able to complete it as Rx’d (pr for OHS was 72# in Dec).
Thanks for waiting around to let me finish Brett.
Great work today Katie!

22/19/16/13grrr/5 as rx’d- did one less set last time. Darn.
Sarah, you did awesome, OHS are hard!

5 X 15 @ 32
Thanks, DJ and 5 oHclock class!

As @rx’d
Depth better once warmed up
Thanks DJ

as rx’d 18/20/17/12/8

snatch balance

95/105/125/135/155 x 3
165/170/175 x 2
185/195/205/215 x 1

75 OHS —- one set!! shoulder position was greasy gross for the last 20 but i manage to grind it out. PR

left wrist was killing me on these; could only do 5-7 reps before the pain got to me. Took me 13 sets, at 75#

Thanks for the help DJ, and for the wrist braces; don’t think I would’ve finished without them.

10/15/15/14/12/9 as Rx’d
Total time: 16:33
Thanks DJ

12/9/8/7/9/7/6/7/8/2 @ 55lbs.
Thanks DJ!

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