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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, February 22, 2008


“Helen err… Nancy” – 5 rounds for time:


400m run

15 – 95 lb Overhead Squat


Coach’s notes:  Gals use 55lb.  Scale the load of the squat if necessary and post load and time to complete to comments. 

Comments: 7

AM WOD @ home
35lb D/B Swings
= 13:35 Ouch, back end is tired.

PM WOD tonight.
Hill sprints :01, :02 *6

Helen – Scaled OHS to 75 lbs, runs on treadmill
Next time, I’ll go for 85lb OHS.

Scaled back to a broomstick!! The 45# barbell is bit too much for me and the Y has no other option…Total time – 15:16

This ain’t no Helen I ever heard of. I’m telling Nancy.

WOD in class
total time 15:45
OHS @ 45lbs

Ha! Thank you Mr. Aucoin. This info will eliminate confusion in my training log. Otherwise I’d have to figure out how the heck I was doing kettle bell swing with a 75 lb barbell….

WOD in class
Time: 15:50
OHS @ 40#, wrist injury so last rep was dowel only.
For the first run of the year, felt good to be outside.

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