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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, February 14, 2020

5 rounds for time(s) and load(s) of:

5 Squat Snatch
3 Unbroken Rope Climbs
16 Twisting Med Ball Throws – 8/side

Coach’s notes:

Post load for snatch and time for rounds plus total working time to comments. Note, med ball tosses are not for load, these are for speed/power, use load accordingly.

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Comments: 7

Snatches @ 135/135/155/155/165
Rope climbs were full for the first one and then half’s. Trying to work on doing the unbroken transition. These were hard!
Thanks Derek

Snatch on Valentines Day! Yes please. Even though I’m a little tired, this is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Goal: Go for it. Make the snatches challenging with stellar form. Work the rope climb technique with variations to make mistakes as fast as possible to learn adaptations and foot control.

With no rest 95 was slightly heavy and mentally I was way more focused on improving rope climbs.
75 was too light. 85 would have been perfect. With the 2 min rest, 95 would have been a fine start. Had my mind set on 105 or more.

Rope Climbs Unbroken
Great improvement. Especially my foot control going down, stopping before floor. Getting the real benefits from doing efficient climbs. Really like the challenges unbroken climbs bring.

Twisting Med Ball Throws
8 lbs was ok. I had a tired attitude today so I could have been way More aggressive with first throws. Tania you were great at catching this and my snatch form. Grateful!

One of those nights for me. Really struggled. Called it after two rounds. First one at 75#, second at 95#.
Thanks Derek

26:40 and pretty sure I didn’t do an extra round even though I was doing most of the last one by myself!

Snatch – was trying to open my hips by feeling the bar there. Reality vs Instagram moment – I was just pulling the bar there, not doing it properly! Thanks, Derek, for figuring that out. What a Valentine’s gift 💝 also worked on sticking my landing and squatting from there rather than standing and then squatting.

Rope climbs – focus was on the transition so only went about 2/3 way up. All but one round wee unbroken. Also trying to put so much bicep into it. Moderately successful on that.

Med balls at 8# for all but last round (6#) due to speedy clean-up going on around me!

Was fun working out at a different time. Thanks 5pm gang!

Really struggled with this today. Really tired. First 2 rounds of snatch at 55#, last 3 at 45#. Rope pulls from the floor. Wallball slams 10#. Maybe somewhere around 20 minutes. Forgot to look.

22:30 (I think) took 60 sec break between rounds.

Squat snatched 155 for rounds 1-4 and 165 round 5

Rope climbs were all about straight arms and locking in that J-hook.

Med ball throw stared out with 10# then moved down to 8#

Thanks Tania. Great job 10am


Snatches: 31# all rounds. First 3 sets I really tried to squat from where I landed but was too tired by the last 2 and would stand and squat.

Rope climbs: scaled to 15 ring rows

Med ball throws: did 6# for all rounds but last which was 8# because someone already put mine away.

Was feeling super tired so I didn’t give it my all today. Thank you Derek for helping me with my snatches!

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