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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, December 3, 2010

2 Rounds for time:
50 Wallballs
25 Tuck Jumps
25 Deadlift
25 Knees to Elbows
100 Double Unders
Coachs notes:  Guys use 20 lbs and gals 14 lbs for wallballs and 205 lbs and 135 lbs respectively for deadlift.  Post time to complete to comments.
Thanks to Jeff and Karen for the TT Gymnastics – Parkour pics!  To view the entire slideshow click here.

Comments: 11

26:40 as RxD (+an extra 25 Tuck Jumps on the first round because I can’t read)

I haven’t been this close to meeting Mr. Pukie since the first time I did a Filthy Fifty.

Every day we make choices. We choose to work out (or not), what to put in our bodies, and how we are going to fill our day. Sometimes the hardest choices to make, especially for type A personalities like me, are to scale back a workout. It’s easy to push hard and get ‘er done without considering what we are doing to our bodies. Sometimes we need to slow down, listen to what our bodies are telling us and follow through with meeting those needs. Like many of you, I’m really good at pushing ahead and have been working REALLY HARD at backing off when my body says no. I’m currently in an accelerated degree program with stress levels through the roof and final exams next week. This week my body said “Hell no” to all of the workouts. Because not working out is almost more stressful for me, I’ve chosen to continue training and bring things down a notch.

Today I proudly did only one round of the workout with DL scaled to 95lbs in 24:58 and was ready to puke at the end. Did it matter that I didn’t do the whole workout? Absolutely not! Thanks to everyone who was at class today, I received lots of support and encouragement for my efforts.

So give yourself permission to listen to your body and scale when you need to. It will make you stronger in the end!

Shawna Curry

Wallballs and deadlifts as rx’d.
K2E are still a work in progress but better.
Double unders were ok.
Great class Kris!

29:32 as rx’d

35:18 as rx’d
Should have stopped after the first round, my body was not there today.
Double unders were very quick and easy. Everything else was a disaster!

33:16 – scaled DL to 135#. K2E ended me, and the double-unders punished me further. WallBalls and tuck jumps both felt pretty good though.


16:20 as rx’d

Notes: First round in just over 6 mins…disaster after that…tough wod

30:30 DU’s screwed me!

24:52 as rxd – round 1 was ok I think my time was 10 or 12 at that point – but then…. All downhill! I am not sure if it was because I was nauseous a bit before wod – but round 2 did me in – wanted to puke from first wallball on… That was tough!!! Coach in bad books =)
(ok not really!)

7:36.9… did this one for “fun”

Did on Monday, 18:04 as rx’d, could not do double unders AT ALL!!! I think 17 or 16 minutes is possible.

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