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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kathleen at 2008 CF Games

Hang Clean – 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Coach’s notes:  Post load for each to comments.

CrossFit Calgary/OPT are hosting the CrossFit Running and Endurance Certification on Saturday, Aug. 9th and Sunday, Aug. 10th therefore the CrossFit classes on be held outside (rain or shine) at a location about 2 minutes from OPT.  You will meet at the tower just off Rocky Ridge Road (east side) about 600 m north of the Aspen Drive turn off. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!  Our website is currently undergoing some server construction to serve you better.  During this process, we cannot post any new WODs until the changes are complete.  Therefore, Saturday’s to Tuesday’s WODs will all be posted under today’s date.  This will not affect how you may be able to post your comments, just how you view the WODs.  Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

Comments: 8

Great form kathleen

most of you know it by now but just in case. bar is taken from above the ground and finishes with a full squat catch. Add weight to the bar when you can and rest as much as needed between sets.
Perfect picture a great thruster.

Man, I’m missing all the fun days lately.

As Rx’d
127×3, 127×3, 132×3, 137×3, 137×3, 142(PR)x3, 142×3. (bwt=152)
Found it hard to do triples from the hang position without even re-gripping and no chalk.
But it’s the first time I tried cleans over 137, so I’m happy with a triple at 142.

500 row
50 wall balls – 20lb – 10′
500 row

Hang Power Clean
3@132 -3@132 – 3@132- 3@132 – 3@137 – 3@137 – 3@142

Made it today, in the end.

Did 145, but my form was poor. I can’t seem to rack the bar in my chest as much as I should. More felxibility would help a lot.

74×3, 88×3, 108×3, 113×3, 118×3 (old PR) 125 x 2 dropped 3rd at botttom, 125×3!!! new PR
Thanks Trevor!

7 sets of 3 @ 106lbs

New to crossfit so getting used to different workouts and the form required.

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