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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, August 6, 2010

1 round for time:

Row 250 m

21 Bench Press

Row 500 m

15 Bench Press

Row 750 m

9 Bench Press

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 135 lbs and gals 85 lbs for bench press.  Post time to complete to comments. 

Compare to May 4, 2010

Comments: 18

I was happy to have a chance to work on my oh so weak Bench Press:
Thanks for letting me join the 9:30 class guys!

12:25…scaled to 60#. Thanks, Gord and many thanks to Laura who pushed me through to the end 🙂


7:50 as rx’d

3mins rest

200 DUs


rows were done at a 1:55/500m pace. Bench was UB for all sets…too light…should have went heavier…heart rate barely broke 100bpm, hence the DUs after…that sucked the life from me!

8:27 as Rx’d

That was a fun WOD! Thanks for the Diet information Gord and Steve!

10:32 or :36 can’t remember now… as rx’d
*rows still scare me!* Thanks Gord!!! fun class!!!

Sadly not as rx’d 🙁
11:05 at 70lbs

As required.
Blaine your bench ain’t got nothin on mine…..now get to work.

Bench Sets:
21: 6 unbroken, 2 unbroken, 13 singles
15: 3 unbroken, 12 singles
9: 2 unbroken, 7 singles, 1 fail

Row Sets:
Ridiculously fast. No joke.


As rx’d 11:22

10:20 at 70lbs. Probably could have bumped up the weight, but my rowing is a weak spot.

Fuzzy – 10:37 as rx’d

6:43 as Rx

10:25 with 125 lbs

Neil – 17:00 with 125 lbs BP
Judy – 10:25 with 33 lbs BP
Thanks Brett!

14.52 @ 115#

12:49 @ 115#

Hey, a few of us were talking about going to a movie tomorrow night. Everyone is invited, I was thinking the Other Guys at 7:25pm at Crowfoot Theatre. Just let me know if you are planning on showing up.

7:53 @ 125# (still nursing a bruised shoulder)

@Chelsea I think I will show up.

17:00 as Rx’d

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