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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, August 20, 2010

2000 m Row

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to June 15, 2010

Comments: 7

7:21.4 New PR by 1.4 seconds (I will take every second I can get)

Deadlift 335lb (PR)
7:25 Row

Nasty tapeworms Alvaro.

7:58.6 new PR! last time my “on the board” time was 8:05.1

8:54:04 … PR by .1 of a second.
Thank you, DJ!

7:49.8 PR

Did this one at the gym at work on Aug 26
9:45.5 (PR = 9:32.6)
Grrrr, this isn’t getting any easier for me!

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