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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, April 29, 2011

1 round for time:

Row 250 m

21 Bench Press

Row 500 m

15 Bench Press

Row 750 m

9 Bench Press

Coach’s notes: Guys use 135 lbs and gals 85 lbs for bench press. Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to August 6, 2010

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Draw takes place this Sunday April 30, 2011

For more information regarding this initiative please visit the Leadership as Rx’d website

Comments: 13

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands:)

12:01 rxd
I haven’t done bench press since I was in high school. I was surprised how heavy 135 lbs eventually became (how very heavy it became).

13:45 with 53# for bench press.
Felt like molasses this morning on the rower.
Thanks Laura!

12:18 with 65 lbs on bench, had a hard time rowing today!
Thanks brett

10:50 as rx’d. Great class, thanks Brett

7:31 as rx’d
I liked this one 🙂
Thanks Brett!

as rx’d7:51
4 seconds slower than last time

13:02 with 45# on the bench press. Nice to workout with the door open and the sun shining…

Thanks Brett & 6pmers.

Neil – 125 lbs 11:00
Judy – 39.5 lbs 13:32
Thanks Brett!

12.38 with 65lbs
Thanks Brett.

10:25 w/ 125#.

Did 10 reps or so in warmup with 135#, but didn’t think I could hammer out 45 reps. Maybe next time. Fun WOD though!

Great work 6pm crew. Thanks Brett!

As rx’d 10:12

correction; 115#. Really, I’m good at math. I swear!

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