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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Circuit Breaker Zoom WODs

“Get Your Pump On” – Complete for time:

120 Bent Over Milk Jug Rows
*For every break in set, perform 5 burpees.
100 Milk Jug Shoulder Press
*For every break in set, perform 10 jumping jacks
80 Milk Jug Double Bicep Curls
*For every break in sets, perform 10 tuck jumps.
60 Overhead Milk Jug Tricep Extensions
*For every break in set, perform 10 supermans.
40 Milk Jug “Y” Raises
*For every break in set, perform 10 switch lunges.
20 Milk Jug Bent Over Reverse Flys
For every break in set perform 20 milk jug thrusters.


Coach’s notes:

Post set breakdown and time to complete to comments.

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