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Top of the Box!


The 2019 CrossFit Open is a wrap and we would like to thank all our Crew for making it such a memorable and uplifting experience filled with PR’s, inspirational performances and boundary breaking moments!

The CFC Leaderboard is complete and we would like to congratulate the top 3 men and women of our box with the Top of the Box podium list! Thanks you to the generous contributions from our in house massage therapist Katrina MacKay and Recover YYC we are proud to offer awards to these finishers. First place winners will each receive a one hour massage from Katrina MacKay. Second place winners will receive a 30 minute Custom Recovery Session from Recover YYC. Finally, third place winners each receive a 15 minute Economy Treatment from Recover YYC. To claim your prize please check in with Natalie at the front desk.

Your podium men and women winners are;

1. Erica S. and Brett

2. Kim L. and Stephen K

3. Elizabeth R. and Derek M.

Congratulations to everyone on an impressive 2019 CrossFit Open and we’ll see you again in October! :0


Introducing WOD Plus


The Open is an exciting time of year for CrossFitters all over the world. It illuminates unknown strengths, surpasses preconceived limits and fosters immense growth. It’s also a time where weakness are revealed and we want to support our CrossFit members by offering more opportunity to work on weaknesses or develop new skills.

Introducing WOD Plus!

Each Monday and Wednesday at 7pm and Fridays at 6pm we will now offer a class called “WOD Plus” where members have the option to come in to do the posted WOD, OR come in to work on their CrossFit pursuits with accessory, supplemental or extra work. Pursuits such as working on that coveted muscle up, handstand push up, or chest to bar pull up work could be done during these class times. As well, accessory work such as shoulder mobility using the Crossover Symmetry system, band work, or strict movement exercises could be performed during these times. Finally, WOD Plus could be used for extra work on your Olympic lifting or improving your benchmark WOD times. The intention here is to allow our committed CrossFit members more access to times where they can work on their individual weaknesses to improve their overall performances in the regular classes.

WOD Plus is not intended to be used a time to do outside programming. The only time an outside individual program can be performed at CrossFit Calgary is during the regularly posted Open Gym times (Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm and Saturdays from 11:00am-noon). Our class times are reserved for CrossFit class participants using CrossFit Calgary programming. Open Gym is intended for those wanting to perform their own chosen program.

As a WOD Plus participant we ask that you:

1. Talk with the scheduled coach about what you are working on for that session. The coach is there to assist you however, his or her main priority is the regular class participants and may need to alter your exercises to fit accordingly with the posted WOD and class numbers.

2. Give way for the space and equipment needs of the WOD participants.

3. Not detract from the coach’s instruction either by noise or otherwise.


1. Can I come to the regular WOD before and stay for the WOD Plus? Yes! The idea here is to allow for maximizing your CrossFit pursuits. Come in for the Monday 6pm WOD and stay for WOD Plus at 7pm to work on your Butterfly pull ups!

2. Will I get coaching during a WOD Plus class? It depends. The coach is there to assist WOD Plus attendants should their time and attention allow for it however, their priority is to coach the regular WOD class.  They will advise at the beginning of the class to determine how you should best approach your WOD Plus session based on the day.

3. Is there an additional cost associated with this offering. No! This is included in your regular membership; just more opportunity to CrossFit better!

4. I have some injuries and concerns about specific movements that I want to work on during WOD Plus. Will the coach help me choose what I should do to work on those items? Yes, our coaches are skilled and knowledgeable in offering a variety of effective and safe scaling options to assist you reach your goals. Simply come in a few minutes before class to discuss with the coach on duty.

5. What if my workout takes longer than the scheduled hour? Our coaches are very generous with their time and may stick around a few minutes after class on occasion however, we value our coaches time too, so we ask that you plan to fit your WOD Plus work in an hour or less.

6. Can I do these extra sessions outside of the WOD Plus class times listed? No. All other class times are reserved for members doing the programmed WOD. If these times do not work for you, we encourage you to make use of the Open Gym times available.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? We’d love to hear from you. Send an email to admin@crossfitcalgary.ca or call 403-202-5559 during office hours and we’ll answer them for you.

Happy CrossFitting Crew!