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Keeping the CFC Crew Safe


We, at CrossFit Calgary have the health and well being of our members in mind at all times, and especially now during these time of the COVID pandemic. We are so happy and proud to be re-opened and want to ensure that we remain open to be able to serve our community in the areas of health and fitness.

As such, we have initiated a number of procedures and safety measures issued by AHS to keep everyone healthy and happy while they WOD with us. Below is a description of those procedures and measures:

Class registration –  We have reduced class times and maximum number of participants to 17 to adhere to the AHS restrictions. As such, we will need you to reserve you class spot online before attending by logging into your account with us. Using your email address as your username and by creating a password you can reserve a spot in your choice of class up to 30 minutes before the class start time. If you can no longer attend a class we kindly ask that you cancel your spot so someone else may take it. You can cancel up to 1 hour before class start time. We strongly encourage our members to attend the same class times throughout the weeks to adhere to the “cohort” model.



On Wednesday, July 22 City of Calgary mayor, Nenshi announced the city would be mandating the use of personal masks in all indoor public spaces as of August 1. There are some exemptions to this bylaw which includes those who are engaged in fitness. Participants engaging in fitness are not required to wear masks as they’re a health risk in this setting. Starting Saturday, August 1, every person entering the gym will need to have a mask on up until the point of starting the warm up. Masks can then be taken off but kept within each participant’s bubble during the workout. Once the WOD is done, the mask must again be put on. Then equipment sanitizing and placement back in their proper storage can be completed. Coaches will have masks on for the duration of the class except for during the technical instruction and demonstration phase. Once the workout commences, coaches will put their masks back on to walk about and offer corrections and coaching cues.


Firstly, if you have any symptoms or are feeling unwell, please stay home. Here is a link to the guidelines on symptoms. https://www.alberta.ca/covid-19-testing-in-alberta.aspx

We will need you to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class start times.

Entering the gym

Enter the building staying 2m apart and proceed to our hand sanitizing station which will be right inside the lobby beside the door. Please take one pump of the hand sanitizer using the inside of your wrist or forearm and then pump the sanitizer before leaving the door way. The person behind will wait until the hand sanitizing station is cleared and then proceed to the station.

Now that we are required to wear masks, we can again have chairs in the lobby. Class participants can use the chairs to change shoes once they enter the lobby as long as they stay mindful of keeping their distance from other masked participants. We also can use the members’ cubbies once again. Please place your gym bags and personal belongings in the members’ cubby storage.  Unless individually specified, we’d like to keep the floor space free from personal belongings as this does introduce a tripping or equipment collision hazard. There are 17 blue chalked circles outlined on the gym floor. These “bubbles” are each 3 m in diameter which gives us the required 3m distance from anyone else on all sides if you remain in the centre while you workout.

Before leaving the member’s storage area, please grab a sanitizing spray bottle and a towel to keep with you during the WOD.

Getting Equipment

Coaches will direct participants to get all of their required equipment at the beginning of class to keep the numbers of participants at each equipment station and moving about to a minimum.

All of the equipment will have been sanitized before each class so you needn’t sanitize your equipment before using.


First of all HAVE FUN!! It’s been amazing to once again WOD together! We want to remain open and continue to do so, so please, when WODing  be mindful of your movement about and stay 3 m away from any other person while working out. Heavy breathing and sweating should stay in your bubble!!

Post WOD

If you’re the first once done, hurray! Your reward is you get to replace your mask first. We can move about as we would keeping in mind the social distancing while we have out masks on. On the way back from the bathrooms please use the hand sanitizer station at the end of the hall. Press the handle with your elbow and squirt some foam hand sanitizer into your palm and immediately start sanitizing your equipment. You will need to spray down each of your pieces of equipment. Once complete,  you’ll need to disinfect the bottle and handle of the bottle before returning it to it’s rightful home.

Exiting the facility

We can once again use any door to exit as long as we have our masks on and maintain our distance from others.


We can once again hang out and mingle after class with our classmates. Again, keeping in mind the social distancing and doing so with a mask on.  We want this to be the best hour of your day but we want to do it safely so this is the compromise.


Please bring any accessories you wish to use such as chalk. If you have them, we encourage you to bring your own skipping rope, bands, lacrosse balls, etc. wherever possible. It limits the amount of contact. We cannot have any chalk bins on the floor so if you’d like to use it, please bring your own. We’re sorry to report that AHS does not allow shower use at this time. You’ll have to come ready to WOD and shower back at home. We also will have no note pads or pens available for use. Again, make sure to stock your gym bag if you want to keep score of your WOD.

Please be assured that all touchable surfaces (especially the bathrooms) will be sanitized before each class.

If you have attended a class and develop symptoms please immediately self isolate and get a test. Please notify us via email of any symptoms and when you receive your results so that we may take precautionary measures.

Here is the link to the mandated measures for gyms and fitness facilities issued by Alberta Health Services.



Relaunch Soft Opening!


Welcome Back Crew!

We’re so happy to have you back in the box for some fitness, fun and friends!

To ensure we all have a safe and enjoyable class experience we have set up measure to ensure we are adhering to the AHS guidelines. Part of that is limiting the number of class participants.

As part of our safe relaunch we are offering a modified schedule with reduced class times and a maximum of 17 participants. To secure a spot in your desired class times we have set up a pre-registration system that all class participants must use before coming to class.

You can reserve your spot in you desired class time up to one week prior to the class start date and can cancel without penalty 60 minutes prior to the class start time.

To reserve your spot in your desired class time. Click HERE.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the new way of WODing. Looking forward to seeing you soon Crew!