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CrossFit Margins – Seniors


CrossFit Margins is intended for those that have felt marginalized by the fitness world; too old, too weak, too unfit, or any other limiting categorization that kept us from reaching our health and wellness goals.

With CrossFit Margins, we intend to break those barriers and prove that while CrossFit may not be for everyone, it is for ANYONE!

CrossFit Margins – Seniors is a 8 week program offered Mondays and Thursdays from 11am-noon starting Tuesday, October 15 to December 10. As part of this introductory and limited time offering, CrossFit Calgary members can nominate a senior who wants to break the margins of fitness and would benefit from such a program to take part for FREE. Nominations must be made by email before September 30.

Nominations will then be sent an intake form containing some pertinent information and requesting health and background information. 8 candidates will be chosen to be a part of the program.

Help us keep from people being put “in a box” and instead let’s find them “in THE box” Crew!




Discovering the 4F Challenge


For the last two years I knew I wanted to make a change. I love CrossFit (that will never change) and for the last nine years have been a regular class attendant, but I have always been far less disciplined with my eating habits and nutrition. We’ve all heard that, “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you can’t out train a bad diet” but I lacked the motivation and will power to start my own health transformation because it seemed unattainable and difficult.
In my state of limbo, I looked for inspiration. I followed several CrossFit athletes on Instagram for months and soon noticed that several of them had many things in common; one of them being that they followed RP for their nutrition regime. It was when I discovered RP Strength and RP Transformation where I found motivation to initiate some real change for myself. I was excited by the countless examples of people just like me (CrossFit loving, general fitness enthusiasts) who after completing a RP cycle had experienced many of the goals that I hoped to achieve for myself. I read that these “regular Joes” achieved incredible body composition changes, discovered more energy, saw better WOD results, and experienced improved moods just to name a few.
So, it was 12 weeks ago that I began the journey that is now called the 4F Challenge. After only 10 weeks of 90% RP Diet compliance and supplementing my regular CrossFit routine with a targeted training program involving isolated, functional bodybuilding movements, I achieved the strength, body composition and lifestyle goals that I previously thought were out of reach. I lost 10 pounds of fat mass while gaining lean muscle mass. I noticed more definition in specific areas of my body and certain clothes fit better. More importantly and most notably however, the biggest improvements I saw were in my WOD performance. I was no longer breaking up my sets as often, I had better endurance and increased strength. Weights that were previously too heavy now felt appropriate to use in my daily WODs. Outside of the gym I noticed improvements too. I slept better, relied on coffee less, had more motivation and enjoyed a consistently positive outlook throughout the day. I was all around happier! As a previous skeptic to all the benefit claims of “clean eating” I learned for myself what all the fuss was about. Now I stand as a true convert and I want to share my experience with you!

What is 4F? Drawing from my francophone background I coined “Femme Forte Forme Fitness” which is loosely translated from French as “Strong Women Fitness.” The 4F Challenge is a health and lifestyle transformation challenge designed for strong, fit women who want to take their fitness and health goals to the next level by supplementing their current CrossFit regime with targeted programming while dialing in their nutrition.

The 4F Challenge includes:
– 3x/week supplemental targeted group training (with me) and programming (by Brett Marshall)
– RP diet app access at an exclusive discounted rate
– Weekly accountability checks and RP guidance
– Access to private group forum to share recipes and tips
– Custom 4F Challenge tank top
– Invitation to our formal “CHAMPagne Night” at the end of the cycle celebrating the 3 months of hard work with a much deserved “cheat night” of champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and awards!

Program will run Mon/Wed/Fri at 7:00-7:45 am starting Monday, September 9 until December 2. Maximum 12 registrants.

Special Introductory Price:
$300 plus GST for members

Come WOD with me ladies!