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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Training at CrossFit Calgary

CrossFit Calgary is more than a fitness facility. It is a group of dedicated trainers committed to practicing and sharing the foundations of CrossFit.

Whether you’re new to CrossFit or have done it before, everyone who trains at CrossFit Calgary must take a private Foundations session or enroll in our Intro to CrossFit program.

All of our coaches are CrossFit™ instructors.

We all start here

Interested in trying CrossFit?

Your first drop-in visit is on us! Afterwards, either a Foundations session or the Intro to CrossFit program is mandatory for all new members to participate in group classes.

Getting Started at CFC

By ensuring your technique and etiquette adheres to our standard, we ensure that everyone who trains with us stays safe and develops the proper mechanics allowing for optimized progression. We offer two choices to new members:

Intro to CrossFit Program: $75

Semi-private two-hour classes with a CFC coach.
Class size: 2-15 participants

Program Sessions:

Email to register

Foundations Session: $95

A private 60-minute one-on-one session with a CFC coach.

At your earliest convenience weekdays, weekends and evenings.

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Interested in trying CrossFit?
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Sign up for a 12 month commitment and receive your Foundations or Intro to CrossFit session FREE!

All of our coaches are CrossFit™ instructors.

Workout of the Day Classes

Group Classes

CFC offers group CrossFit classes every day of the week. One-hour classes consist of a warmup, exercise instruction, and the Workout of the Day (WOD).

See the schedule

Partner WOD Classes

These WODs are a huge hit with new and experienced members looking to dive into the community. These classes involve a prescribed partner workout that is different from the daily posted WOD. All welcome to attend.

  1. Saturdays from 9– 10:00 am

Targeted Training

Grow your knowledge.
Build your strength.

Targeted Training (TT) sessions consist of two classes a week that are progressive in nature. We begin with building a strong foundation for the movements, then gradually move to more advanced and specialized techniques. You will also be assigned homework to complete on your own time.

These programs are great both for beginners who want to learn the lifts, and for competent lifters who want to improve their form. Because the movements are broken down into their component pieces, even experienced participant can improve their mechanics and lifting.

The modality for each TT cycles throughout the year. Check out our class schedule to see which TT program is currently offered.

*Targeted Training classes are not currently being offered.

TT Strength

This program is designed with all experience levels in mind: the stronger you are, the more challenging it will be. Learn and perfect the fundamental strength building barbell lifts. We go into great detail on the back squat, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press as well as the best accessory movements to improve the primary lifts.


TT Olympic Lifting

This program is designed for CrossFitters and other novice and intermediate lifters. We’ll cover the Olympic lifts: clean, jerk, split jerk, and snatch, as well as overhead squat, front squat and push press.

Expect improvements in CrossFit benchmark WODs like Grace, Isabel, and Randy. You will need to complete weekly homework to realize the full benefit of the program.


TT Gymnastics

This program teaches CrossFit gymnastics movements progressively. We address the fundamentals of gymnastic movements, then incorporate strength-building exercises and skill development. Foundational movements covered include the kipping pull-up, dip, and invert; progressing into more complex movements like the muscle-up, handstand push-up, and lever. This program is suitable for all levels.


TT Nutrition

CrossFit Calgary

CFC Kids + Teens

Boundless Energy.
Boundless Potential.

We believe CrossFit is for any age or ability. That’s why we were the first in Canada to offer CrossFit classes for youth.

These sessions include the same broad and inclusive strength and conditioning program we offer adults, just with scaled loads and a focus on fun.

If you have a child looking for a new physical challenge or looking to build strength for a sport, CrossFit Kids or Teens is for them!

CFC Kids (ages 6–12)

Classes consist of a warm-up, a technical movement instruction and practice, and a CrossFit workout — appropriately scaled based on abilities and experience — that we all do together.

Pre-registered sessions running semi annually

Member price: $150
Non-member price: $200

This program is run on pre-registration basis and only with minimum enrolment numbers. Contact us to inquire about current CFC Kids enrolment.

Email for more information

CFC Teens (ages 13–16)

Classes consist of a warm-up, a technical movement instruction and practice, and a CrossFit workout — appropriately scaled based on abilities and experience — that we all do together.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6pm
Sundays: 11 am – 12pm

CFC Teens membership: $125/month (Unlimited Access)
Drop-in: $20 ($15 for teens of our Members)

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CrossFit Calgary

CFC Clubs

Raise the bar on your own

CFC Clubs are designed for people who are looking to add to their training regime in a more specific manner. This is a great opportunity to supplement training in an area of weakness or simply add volume to areas that interest you.

During club training, the coach provides less “introductory” instruction or preparation for WODs, focusing instead on more subtle or advanced tips, competitive strategies and technical components of lifts. Clubs allow individuals to pursue higher levels of independence, developing their skills in a supportive group setting.

Currently there are no clubs programmed.

Competitive Training Club

Barbell Club



Run Club

Moga Club

Opens Prep Club

CrossFit Calgary

Competitive Programming

CrossFit Calgary

Open Gym.

Throughout the week, CrossFit Calgary has 27 hours of open gym access. Maybe you’re looking to add to your regular workout or you’re training for Opens or Regionals this year. Whatever your reason, open gym is here for you.

MON – FRI: 11am – 4pm
SAT: 11:30pm – 1:30pm, excluding holidays

Members: unlimited access
Drop-in: $25 per visit

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Memberships starting at $175/month.

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High Standards. Happy Members.

“ [Dawson] has gone from one of the kids who didn't participate in sports, to being recognized as one of the most physically fit kids in his high school class. And most importantly, he loves it! ”

Derek Payne on his son Dawson, CFC member since 2012