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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Knowledge, Drive, and Support.

We have the best team of CrossFit coaches in the city, and it shows.
You won’t find a more dedicated or passionate squad.

We’re the CrossFit leader in Calgary, and it’s because of the passion and dedication of our coaches. On top of being some of the fittest people in the city, our coaches are wonderful human beings.


All of our coaches are CrossFit™ instructors.

What this means

Our Coaches and Staff



Aaron grew up in the Vancouver area and started CrossFit in 2018 with the Hero Benchmark Murph as his first WOD, which hooked him instantly. He then moved to Calgary in 2019 and joined CFC. After a few years of membership, he started his coaching mentorship under Brett and began the next stage of his CrossFit Journey.



More About Aaron

Aaron will be the first to say that you don't need to be "fit enough" to come in and try CrossFit. He routinely recounts the fact that he had zero athletic background or sports experience when he walked into his first box and that CrossFit communities are incredibly welcoming and the workouts are infinitely scalable, that is we scale to meet you where you are - we don't change the programs, so everyone can do every workout.



Ari is a lifelong athlete, growing up a competitive gymnast before transitioning to cheerleading in university. She spent six years coaching competitive gymnastics before switching her focus to group fitness and CrossFit in 2021.


AFLCA Resistance Exercise Specialty Leader
NCCP Gymnastics Foundations
NCCP Gymnastics Competition 1 and 2

More About Ariane

Outside of sports and fitness, Ari works in consulting, working alongside Indigenous communities on a variety of projects. She has a Master’s degree in Political Science (Indigenous politics) and is a proud member of the Heiltsuk Nation. If she’s not working or in the gym, she can be found spending time with her three dogs.


Co-founded CFC in 2006

Area of Focus:
Founder, Co-owner and Programmer

Brett’s passion for and experience in the sport of CrossFit along with his background as a CrossFit HQ L1 Instructor allows him to ensure that CrossFit Calgary remains a leader through quality coaching and programming. Brett’s hands on approach ensures that CFC’s coaches are of the highest quality as he individually mentors and guides new coaches through CFC’s Coach Mentorship Program.


CrossFit L1 Seminar Staff
CrossFit L2
CrossFit Olympic Lifting L1
CrossFit Running L1
CrossFit Barbell
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Rowing


2007 CrossFit Games (Individual, 2nd)
2008 CrossFit Games (Individual, 9th)
2009 CrossFit Games (Team, 4th)
2010 CanWest Regionals (Individual Qualifier/Coach)
2011 CanWest Regionals (Individual Qualifier/Team athlete, 3rd)
2012 CanWest Regionals (Individual Qualifier/Team athlete, 8th)
2012 Alberta Weightlifting Association (Provincial Champion 69 kg)
2013 CanWest Regionals (Individual Qualifier/Team athlete, 3rd)
2013 Alberta Weightlifting Association (Provincial Champion 69 kg)
2014 CanWest Regionals (Masters Qualifier/Team athlete, 12th)

More About Brett

Apart from being the runner up in the inaugural CrossFit Games in Aromas in 2007, Brett is better known for being the inventor of the widely used and taught “Butterfly Pull up”. Brett is also a national level Olympic lifter, and programs the daily WODs for CFC. He is currently a Captain with the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) and spent 15 years as a commercial rescue diver with the CFD. His passion for teaching and sharing the empowering movements of CrossFit is what bred the concept of CrossFit Calgary in 2007.



Area of Focus:
CrossFit Kids programs and Masters Athlete program

Colin is a dedicated coach of early-morning classes here at CFC. He brings a sharp sense of humor to every class, and is an esteemed CrossFit Kids coach.


CrossFit L1
CrossFit L2
CrossFit Rowing
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Running
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Advanced Weight Lifting
Carl Paoli Gymnastics


2013 CrossFit Open Canada Masters – 4th
2014 CrossFit Open Canada Masters – 4th
2013 CrossFit Games Masters – 39th
2014 CrossFit Games Masters – 38th
2016 CrossFit Open Masters – 4th
2016 CrossFit Masters – 33rd

More About Colin

The self-described “handsome and modest” Colin is a certified Level 1 rugby coach who has been coaching soccer and rugby for 20 years. He’s also CFC’s unofficial photographer, and can often be found snapping action shots for WOD posts. Colin, despite his nickname “OG” (for “Old Guy”) is one of our most competitive coaches and athletes in the masters category. This elite athlete is also a highly regarded educator who was awarded the Alberta Excellence in Teaching Award. Colin is the master of maintaining class flow and high energy with the early-morning crew. Colin has it all – brains, brawn and beauty!
Conrad Tang


DCM, Msc, L.Ac

Conrad graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, then continued on to complete a Master’s of Science degree specializing in biomechanics at the University of Calgary Human Performance Lab. He also received a certification to perform contemporary medical acupuncture from McMaster University, and is a Kinesiology graduate specializing in exercise physiology from the University of Calgary.


More About Conrad

Conrad strongly believes in an evidence-based and informed approach to patient-centered care. He also recognizes that the human body is a complex system, which requires an individualized approach. A properly done patient assessment not only incorporates orthopedic or functional tests, but the observation of human movement, such as the full squat, in order to assess the patient’s joint range of motion, coordination, and balance, among other things. Additionally, he believes that an accurate diagnosis is vital, in order to specify the treatment for optimal results and progress. Once the information from the assessment is gathered, the area of concern has been identified, the therapeutic interventions can then be applied. These therapeutic tools may include soft tissue work such as FR© (Functional Range Release), acupuncture or dry needling, joint mobilizations or manipulations, therapeutic taping, which all facilitate the conditions of exercise, in order to optimize the adaptation to promote healthy change.

To compliment his practice, he teaches movement classes as a FRC© (Functional Range Conditioning) mobility specialist, which is a comprehensive joint training system based on scientific principles and research. The three main training goals of these classes include mobility development or the active usable motion that one possesses, joint strength, and body control.

Conrad’s goals are simple – he encourages the active collaboration of the decision-making process with patients, enjoys sharing his knowledge of health with others, and wants to help people get better. His past experience includes working with Track & Field Canadian Nationals, Bobsled Canada Skeleton, USA Skeleton, Professional dancers, Professional MMA fighters, Calgary Minor Hockey, Okotoks Jr. A Lacrosse, and CrossFit athletes.
Derek Mortson



Derek Payne



Level 1 Burgener Weightlifting
DJ Whetton


Erica Hartman






RMT, B. Comm

Area of Focus:
Massage Therapy

Katrina is our resident massage therapist who has 10 years’ experience working with CrossFit athletes and has been with CrossFit Calgary since it began in 2007. Katrina also has a vast experience in working with several local professional athletes in Calgary. She also has specific training in pre-natal and post-natal massages. With the focus on physical health through healing, she combines an array of techniques to achieve patient/therapist goals.

Katrina has a huge passion for helping people, and is currently pursuing her medical degree, while continuing to massage at CrossFit Calgary.


Foothills College of Massage and Hydrotherapy
Sport Taping & Strapping
Myofacial Release
Reiki Master
Medical Intuitive Lv II
Pre & Post Natal Massage
Fitness Knowledge and Theory

More About Katrina

Katrina is an avid sports lover. She’s a fan of CrossFit and its movements, and is an armchair NFL fan. Her clients trust her deep knowledge of specific lifts and WODs, and she plans to take her Level One certification to further deepen her understanding of CrossFit. She also loves to snowboard, cook, and travel the world with her beautiful son and supportive husband.


BEd, MA (in progress)

Area of Focus:
Co-owner and administrative support

As co-owner of CrossFit Calgary with her husband Brett, Rhiannon helps direct the daily workings of nearly every aspect of CFC. She is often seen attending class or attending to the many small details that make CFC the wonderful place it is!


CrossFit L2
CrossFit Scaling
Level 1 Burgener Weightlifting

More About Rhiannon

Rhiannon helped found CrossFit Calgary in 2007. With a background in education and as a former vice-principal of a K-9 school, Rhiannon’s experience in organizational leadership assists in the daily operations of CFC. She was there to watch and cheer on as her husband Brett competed in the first-ever CrossFit Games, and has since developed her own love affair with CrossFit. She completed her L2 to further enrich her own knowledge and improve the experience of CFC members. She balances her responsibilities inside the gym with ones at home as a mother of two active children – though her kids have become regular visitors to CFC as well!
Shannon Krusky



Level 1 Burgener Weightlifting
Crossfit Kids
Advanced Coaching Concepts
Precision Nutrition 1



Area of Focus:
CrossFit Kids and Teens

Sydney’s’ extensive background with CrossFit and her ability to connect with youth allows her to easily guide and inspire our young members to a love of CrossFit and lifetime love of fitness!


CF Kids

More About Sydney

Sydney, a long time member of CFC has extended her love of fitness and working with kids to become our newest CF Kids and teens instructor! Sydney brings her sunny and outgoing disposition to her teens classes each week and her participants benefit greatly by her ability to bridge her ability to connect with youth with her knowledge of CrossFit and movement. We are grateful to have Sydney continue through her mentorship with CFC and to be soon instructing adult classes as well!




Coach Mentorship Program

There are few gyms with more coaching experience than CrossFit Calgary.

Owner Brett Marshall completed his first CrossFit L1 course in 2006, CrossFit Calgary became an official affiliate later that year, and Brett became a member of the CrossFit HQ L1 Training Staff in 2010.

To ensure the highest quality coaching experience for our members, CrossFit Calgary has developed an intensive mentorship program which may take 3 years or longer to complete. To succeed, coaching candidates must have a strong commitment to learning, volunteering, and becoming part of the CrossFit Calgary community.

Prerequisites for the program include a L1 CrossFit course, one year membership at CFC, and a successful interview with coach Brett.

Phase 1: 50 hours of coach shadowing within a 6-month span, including shadowing in kids, teens, and specialized programs; and a thorough observation of the fundamental movements from a coaching perspective, followed by a formal review meeting.

Phase 2: 50 hours of shadowing as a “mentoring coach” within a 6-month span, as a CFC co-coach, a support role to the CFC lead coach. The mentoring coach and lead coach both take notes so that professional development can be compared, guided, and evaluated.

Phase 3: In a series of meetings, coach Brett reviews coaching effectiveness based on the ability to recognize faults in movement and then be able to effectively cue members towards improvement.

Upon successful completion of these meetings, a candidate may be offered a probationary contract with CrossFit Calgary to continue their professional development while working as a CrossFit Calgary co-coach.

It is the responsibility of the co-coach to then gain competence in the lead coach role, by gradually taking over all components of class instruction.

CrossFit Calgary coaches are then supported in their professional development through four levels of coaching designation after the mentorship process. The coaching designations are Coach L1, Coach L2, Coach L3 and finally Head Coach.

For more information regarding coaching designations and opportunities, please contact admin@crossfitcalgary.ca.

CrossFit Calgary

High Standards. Happy Members.

“ My coaches (Laura, Erin, Michelle and Brett) worked with me to make sure I understood the mechanics of each movement and how they could be scaled for me. Their interest in my personal improvement was overwhelming and something I’m thankful for every day. ”

Scott Wilkinson, CFC Member since 2012