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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Our goals lead us. Our pursuits connect us.

CrossFit Calgary is passionate about CrossFit and sharing it with others.
If you want to push yourself to be better, you have a home here.

CrossFit Calgary is more than a fitness facility. It is a group of dedicated people committed to excellence. At CFC, we don’t just coach the practice of CrossFit, we encourage each other to achieve our individual best. The expertise of our coaches and the unique camaraderie of our members creates an unparalleled experience in personal development and fitness.

Learn from the best.

We have the best coaching team in Calgary, hands down. You won’t find a more dedicated or passionate squad.

Meet Our Coaches

CrossFit Center of Excellence

In 2009 CrossFit Calgary was named a “Center of Excellence” by CrossFit HQ. This distinction was only given to one other CrossFit affiliate that year. We were honoured to earn this title. Not only because of the status, but because of the reason we were recognized: our coaches and our results!

What unites us. CrossFit Calgary’s Values.

Believe in people
Cultivate knowledge
Foster community
Compete to be better

Our Vision

CrossFit Calgary will improve the health and well-being of thousands of people through a variety of programs and services that promote self-awareness and physical potential, centered on the CrossFit methodology.

These programs will be offered locally at CrossFit Calgary’s box, throughout the city, and internationally via the web.

CrossFit Calgary

About Crossfit

Forging elite fitness. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program designed to elicit a broad adaptational physical response from your body for any physical activity or movement. It is not a specialized fitness program but rather it focuses on competency in each of the ten recognized fitness domains:

1. Cardiovascular + respiratory endurance
2. Stamina
3. Strength
4. Flexibility
5. Power
6. Speed
7. Coordination
8. Agility
9. Balance
10. Accuracy

CrossFit Theory      CrossFit’s Methodology & Philosophy

Workout of the Day. To address each fitness domain, our athletes are trained to successfully perform multiple, diverse and randomized physical challenges. These challenges are called the Workout of the Day (WOD for short). Today’s WOD


CrossFit Started in Santa Cruz, California and has grown to include affiliates around the world. and only affiliates are endorsed by CrossFit’s governing body.

CrossFit Calgary

Our Story

My CrossFit journey: Brett Marshall

I was fortunate enough to discover CrossFit in its early days, back in 2005. As a longtime personal trainer, I was versed in a variety of styles and training, but after my first CrossFit workout I knew this was something very different and undeniably effective.

I had worked since 2000 as a personal trainer at the YMCA and Optimum Performance Training before opening my own business, Advanced Force Training, in 2002. Before CrossFit, most training programs (including my own) were built around bodybuilding-style workouts. I thought I was providing an effective regime to benefit my clients.

Then came CrossFit.

Read Brett and Rhiannon’s full story

My first workout was humbling yet inspiring; surprisingly hard yet motivating. As an athlete and a coach, I recognized that this workout provided exceptional benefits. I could feel immediately how my former means of training paled in comparison to this regime.

I never looked back. My previous workout regime changed overnight to following CrossFit exclusively. From 2005 through to 2008, I spent every day following CrossFit.com programming and explored every aspect of CrossFit that I could.

I attended my first L1 seminar in November 2006. At that time, Greg Glassman was the sole presenter leading all portions of the seminar. I’ll always remember my first meeting with Greg. After a brief discussion of the air squat, he thanked me for the contribution that I had made to CrossFit. (I thought, you’re thanking me? I should be thanking you!) Greg graciously gave me the opportunity to help at some of the earliest L1 seminars, where I learned from the CrossFit founder firsthand.

Thus began my quest to fully educate myself in the teachings of CrossFit. (I completed my CrossFit L2 in 2006, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting in 2007, CrossFit Running in 2008, and three seminars – CrossFit Barbell, Gymnastics, and Rowing, in 2009.)

In 2007, almost on a whim, I competed in the inaugural CrossFit Games, taking second place. Upon my return, the single CrossFit “tester” class I offered rapidly grew to seven classes. CrossFit Calgary launched as an official affiliate in 2008 in a small 2000-square-foot space with 80 members.

Over the next few years, as demand for classes grew, I developed a roster of coaches, including Aly, our first full-time coach and administrator. By 2012 we were outgrowing our first space. In July 2013, we were able to double our size by moving into a building right next door. Since then, our staff has grown to 12 contract coaches, two full-time coaches, an in-house massage therapist, a nutritional consultant, and an Olympic lifting specialist. We have over 200 members, to whom we offer over 40 hours of classes, 25 hours of open gym, and a host of youth, targeted-training, personal training, and club programs.

Integrally, my wife Rhiannon has joined me as co-owner and general manager. As the business grew, Rhiannon always supported me and made this venture possible. She too has been bitten by the CrossFit bug, and recently completed her L1 seminar.

Owning a CrossFit affiliate lets us see people improve and change far more than just their fitness. We witness people transforming: improving their health and building their confidence, energy, and vitality. Thankfully these transformations are contagious. The result is a strong, inspiring and fun-filled community where we are always honoured guests. We can’t imagine a day where we’re not at the gym. For us this has truly become our life’s passion.

See you in the gym.

Brett Marshall

Volunteering + Giving

Being part of a community means more than just enjoying each other’s company. It means that we give back.

Since we started CrossFit Calgary, volunteering in the community has been part of what we do.

In 2010 we travelled to an orphanage in Haridwar, India to inspire kids about CrossFit and even supported one young enthusiast’s efforts to open up his own CrossFit Affiliation. (watch the story on YouTube).

Our annual “Give heavy” holiday food drive helps families in need around the city.

Want to help? Email us at admin@crossfitcalgary.ca

CrossFit Calgary

We questions. Got one? Ask us!

House Rules

A few things to keep in mind when you train with us

BE READY. Arrive early or sharp to get the full benefit of the WOD.
BE SUPPORTIVE. Hellos, handshakes, high-fives. We're friends and competitors.
BE CLEAN. Wipe your sweat, stash your stuff, and leave the chalk in the bucket.
BE CAREFUL. Don't throw or drop equipment that isn't meant to be thrown or dropped.
BE HUMBLE. Keep it real. Your full effort is the best score.
BE UP FOR IT. Rise to the challenge of every WOD. They were designed with you in mind.