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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Front Squat – 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

Compare to January 29, 2015

Coach’s notes:

Post loads for all sets to comments.

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Worked up to 265×2 and 275×1. Should have made the second one at 275 but I rushed it. Pretty happy with this today as I was hobbling when I came in.
Thanks Laura

Thanks Josh and thanks to all the babysitters this morning!!

Up to 155 for 2 reps. Managed 1 rep at 160, but didn’t attempt the second since the first was pretty “shaky”! Awesome lady power hour at 7AM. Thanks Laura!

2 x 140 failed at 145
Fun class, thanks Josh!
Omg Sarah, you make the sweetest babies!

Couldn’t quite bang out the 2nd rep at top weight. I know that is at least a 20# PR for me on front squat so was happy. Haven’t done heavy front squat in quite awhile.
Thanks Josh!

Got up to 145 lbs – failed at 150 lbs. Good lifting especially so early and since I was so sore.

Thank you Laura!

Did all sets in open gym. Did all seven sets at #260 which is around 90% of my old 1RM

Open Gym

W/U … 10×95/5×135/3×185

Working sets…
2×260/2×265/1.5×270 … DONE

Up to 275 for two.
Thanks for partnering Ken.

Thanks Michelle

A) 3 rounds
1 min assault bike
1 min rest
1 min row
1 min rest
B) 2 front squats EMOM for 10 min 165#
This evening did 2 of the Team Series WODs. Great job Stripper Stretchers!

245, 245, 245, 245 for 1, 245 for 1, 205 for 6, 205 for 6. Not my night.
Thanks Michelle and Jay.

63/83/103/113/120 for 1
Last front squat day was maxed at 90 so up a bit
Thanks Michelle and Jay!!!

One last Bro Session with Cody before he gets married this weekend.

Today went really well. As sore/tired as my legs felt, everything felt fast and strong.
Took Jason’s recommendation and did my last 5 sets at 90% of my 1RM.

Warmed up with 135/185/225

Doubles started at:
Ended up doing 8 sets instead of 7

Nice PR Cody!

Thanks Jason!

7 sets @ 155# – 91% of 1RM

135 x 2
then 6 sets @ 145# (91% of my 1RM)

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