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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All sets for time

A. 50 Cal Assault/Row or Skierg
B. 50 Triple Unders
C. 50 Overhead Squats – 135#/95#
D. 50 Kettlebell Swings – 2.0/1.5 pood
E.  50 D-ball ground to over shoulder

Coach’s notes:

Post time for each set to comments.

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Comments: 7

C) OHS RX’d(95) = 8:55 did 2 set of 10 and rest 5’s
A) Assault bike =5:01(love the assault bike…not!)
D) KB RX’d(1.5) = 3:44 sets of 10
B) DU’s = 2 mins(50)
E) D ball 80# = 6:15-ewwww
Nice work 7 a.m.
Thanks Laura :)

Did yesterday’s workout and posted there. Good energy at 6am!

D: KB swings 1:25KB 3:45, first time using this weight
A: skierg 5:10 damper at 2.5 (Josh’s suggestion) next time might try it a wee bit higher
E: was toast after A, so couldn’t move 50# ball so used 25# just to move 3:30

Ran out of time at that point
Thanks Josh

OHS 6:16 – 12@115#; 38@95#
DU 2:27 150 DUs for time
D-Ball 8:14 – 25@100#; 25@80#
KB swings – 2:59 1.5 pood
Skierg – 3:43 – that thing is brutal to end with!
Thanks Josh!

B: 200 double unders 2:30
A: on the Ski Erg 2:59
D: 2pd kbs 3:58
E: 125lb ball 8:01…. Ouch
Ran out of time and missed the OHS…Schucks!

Thanks Josh

C: 6:16 95#
E: 13:27 100#
D: 3:45 2pd
A: 3:07 ski
B: 8 in 5 minutes of attempts

OHS: Really happy with this. Shoulder is starting to cooperate.
D-ball: Wet balls are hard to hang onto

Thanks Michelle and Audra!

B. 1:45 ish DU with some triple attempts
D. Rx’d, 2:01
C. Rx’d forgot to check the clock but I think just under 8 min.
E. 80# again forgot to check the clock. Lost count also so don’t know how many I did.
A. DNF, ran out of time.
Thanks Michelle and Audra!

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