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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:

Thrusters – 95#/65#

Compare to January 22, 2015

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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5:14 rx’d.
First and last thrusters UB, couldn’t string together very many pull ups this morning. Last time 6:42.
Thanks Laura.
Nice work 7’am’ers

1:36 faster than last time.
Thanks Laura

Still working on consistently getting my chin over the bar with the butterfly technique.
Thanks Laura!

Broke up round of 21: as 15/6 round of 15: as 9/6 and round of 9: as 5/4 thruster and 6/3 pull up. Couldn’t quite get the last 9 unbroken so dropped a bit of time. Happy with result as it was my first time doing Fran as Rx’d.
Thanks Josh!

8:38, I believe this is the first time I’ve done Fran RX
Round of 21 thrusters 11/10, pull ups 5/4/4/4/4
Round of 15 thrusters 5/5/5, pull ups sets of 3
Round of 9 thrusters UB, pull ups sets of 3
Great job 7AM! Thanks Laura.

5:16 Rx’d
7 sec PR!
Thanks Josh?

5:44 rx’d. Thanks , Josh!

I know slow arsed and first time trying Fran……..
Thrusters @55, PU blue/skinny purple
1st round 10/5/3/3, PU 5/5/5/3/3
After that it was all 3’s!
Probably for the intent should have gone lighter, but have a lot to prove to myself, so pleased I did this weight……?
Stayed after to practice getting a Kipping PU (as my shoulders were warm enough to try!)……..got 1 (just), need to work out how to use my hips effectively on that last pull………bring on the PU seminar!
Thanks Josh

4:16 Rx’d. If memory serves me correctly this is a little slower than last time, but I have been dealing with a cold all week so I will take it!

2:33. pr by a minute. Next time improve transitions to shave a few seconds off. Thanks for the push Jason!
Awesome 5pm class, thanks Michelle

Tough Act 2 after yesterday.
PR by 46s from my last go at end of 2011
The time isn’t the real improvement… Movement quality has improved in thrusters. Still lots of work to be done but better.

Pull-ups and grip strength were limiting factors. Started doing singles in round of 21. Fell off the bar a bunch in round of 15. Almost couldn’t do last pull-up until Ken/Matt suggested I use a mixed grip.

Thanks for the encouragement Michelle and Jay. I feel the mental game is improving now to get the rest of the body to follow.

6:40 @ 75#
Thanks Michelle!

3:54 Rx’d.

Thanks Michelle and Jason.

First Date with the Hottie “FRAN”
4:50 Rx’d

Thrusters, all rounds unbroken
Pull Ups – Round of 21 unbroken – Rounds 15 and 9 broke up

Need to develop Butterfly technique for pull ups

Thanks Michelle and Jason
Thanks to D. Storbakken for the encouragement and video

9:00 – first time doing Fran as Rx’d

After that, practiced a WOD for the Festivus Games this weekend:
3 rounds for reps and weight:
30sec deadlift
1:30 rest

Completed 15/16/14 at 135#

5:10 (6:04 last time)
Thanks Michelle and Jason.

8 something… This is quite a bit slower than my PR, however, this is the first Rx’d WOD I’ve been able to do in months. The fact that it involved 45 squats and required some “thrusting” is progress… (A reminder I need continually..)
Thanks Michelle and Jason.

Thrusters unbroken pull ups not.
Thanks Michelle and Jay.

2:36 Rxd
Thanks for doing this one with me Ben and awesome PR!

Big thanks to the 6pm and 7pm class and coaches Michelle and Jay for cheering us on through this! You guys/girls are awesome

And Kyle Barr you killed this one buddy wicked work!

3:28 Rx.

Round 1
21 | 8 – 7 – 6
Round 2
15 | 6 – 5 – 4
Round 3
7 – 2 | 9

Not sure how much time I can shave off until I can do pull-ups in unbroken sets.

Held on to the last 9 with some coaching cheers behind me.

Thanks Brett, Jay, Audra

This morning
10 rounds
Row 200m rest 2 min
39.9/39.8/39.2/39.3/39.4/39.2/39.1/39.2/39.5/39.2 total 6:33.9

Later on
A) 5 OHS every 2 min for 10 min
B) 1 squat clean every 45sec for 15 min
Started at 105 and worked up to 175
C) 5 rounds ski erg
1 min on/rest 1 min

11:18 – first time with Fran :)
Used 55# for thrusters
Thanks Jay, Audra and Brett!

So once upon a time before Ken started coming to CFC, he “attempted” Fran at his office gym. Using a bar that does spin, metal plates, and a green band attached to a cable crossover machine that had a pullup bar. 17:37 seconds later, I thought to myself…well why the hell would anyone want to do this?

Fast forward…July 14, 2015.
At CFC for about 1.75 years.

7:21 RX’d
…a 10 minute 16 second RX’d PR. Had a “wizard of oz” moment where “you were there, and you were there, and you were there too” cheering me on in the last round of 9 pull ups.

Had a little big of Fran lung or Fran cough after doing the 30-30-30 workout yesterday so that just carried over to today.

Pretty happy about this.

Thanks Michelle and Jason…and everyone who helped me get through it at the end (Erin E, Derek, Jack, and everyone i’m missing)


First time doing Fran rx’d
Need to work on keeping my pull-ups consistent


Did oct.15 2:25

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