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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:

Squat clean and jerk – 155#/105#

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 11

21:17 @ 115#. Well done 6am and thanks Colin!

11:31 RX
That hurt.

17:00 @ 105#
Squat cleans and Burpees are like Christmas for me!


22:16 RX’d

As Mandi said, that hurt! Haven’t felt that pukey for a while. With 7 burpees left I had to go outside for a minute. Nice job 6 am!
Thanks OG

12:12 – bar facing burpees otherwise RX’d
Thanks OG!

17:22 RX’D
Attacked this as more of a chipper than a lung burner/hurt WOD haha.
Did all singles for squat cleans/jerks and slower burpees.
Mandi & Chris you are both insane lol nice work :)

Good job 7 a.m.
Thanks Colin.

21:04 @ 135#
Power cleans = 😃 Squat cleans = 😭🔥
Thanks Tania!

9:14 rxd
That hurt….had to go outside for a while
Still feeling pukey
Thanks Michelle

19:52 Rx’d (but did burpees over the bar)

My fitness is still on vacation…

Thanks Michelle!


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