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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

5 Rounds for time:

15 Dumbbell Push Press – 45#/30#/hand
30 Alternating Single Leg Squats (Pistols) – 15/leg
45 Double Unders

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 9

21:40 RX’d. Double unders …
Thanks OG! Nice work 7am!

15:55 used 15lbs per hand for push press, did squats to low box with 25lbs to add height. Managed to get one round of the DU’s unbroken.
Thanks Colin

19:42 RX’d
Good job 7 am!!! Was nice joining the crew again 😉
Thanks Colin!

17:16 rx’d. Also, it took me about that long to make it up the 5 flights of stairs at work afterward…Well done 7AM, thanks OG!!

This morning was my last workout at CFC – Thank you times 1 million to the CFC crew (especially the 7AM gang) for making CF so much fun, even when the suffering is real. When I started, I certainly didn’t expect to make so many friends, mentors and let’s not even go into the gains! A huge thank you to all the coaches for pushing us just enough and encouraging us always. Colin and Laura, thank you for putting up with my spaz moments and being patient with me. See you later CFC!

Used 15# DB kept it light as left arm is pretty fried. All sets unbroken
Pistols off side of box, did sets per leg so 8/87/7 left foot not touching the floor, right foot assist for other side.
Double attempts for 1 min first 2 rnds, 90 singles next too and lost the ability to skip last rnd, though eventually made it to 90

Thanks Josh

11:38, pace dropped off a bit in round 4.

9:30rx . Thanks Michelle and Sarah !

Thank you Nicole for being a part of our community. It is our great members like you that make what we do so fun and rewarding. While we are sad to see you go , we wish you all the best out in Canmore!

Struggled with DU tonight, and only did 15 pistols/round with a 5# plate. First time doing pistols on the ground since my groin injury…
Thanks Michelle and Sarah!

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